Granola Recs

Can anyone recommend a granola without coconut? I’ve run through my supply from Republique, and need a replacement. I know Republique’s is super good, but it’s not as convenient for me to get to and it’s not available for sale via their website. Any granolas (grocery store or online purchases) are welcome to apply so long as they don’t contain coconut (I’m not a fan) and I’m not looking to make it myself.

We like the granola from Jeffrey’s Best in Carmel. No coconut; less oats, mostly nuts and seeds:
You can email Ellen here: You don’t have to get it in jars – they also supply 1 lb bags more reasonably. We found them at a farmer’s market in Monterey a couple of years ago, and have been ordering from them since then. She’ll send you samples too. (We especially love their spiced pecans.)

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