Great cheeses

Got a spread of exceptional cheeses from a new hire at the Cheese Board. All new to me. If I’ve had as good a cheese plate it was in France.

Kunik (Nettle Meadow, New York): goat & cow triple crème, rich and buttery like a goaty Brillat-Savarin.

Cabricharme (La Fermière de Méan co-op, Belgium): single-farm organic raw washed-rind goat, reminded me of the kind of perfectly ripe Camembert or Reblochon you can’t get in the US.

Monte Enebro (Queserias del Tietar, Spain): soft-ripened goat, made with Penicillium roqueforti though it’s not blue (rind looks like ash but is mold), remarkable depth of flavor for a pasteurized cheese. One of the best goat cheeses I’ve had.

Corsu Vecchiu (Corsica): raw sheep, quite moist and creamy for an aged sheep.

Vallée Brebidoux (La Fromathèque, Switzerland): raw organic washed-rind sheep

Hornbacher (Fritzenhaus, Switzerland): raw cow, Alpine type

Chiriboga Blue (Obere M’hle, Bavaria): pasteurized cow blue


is this in Berkeley?

Yes, the venerable collective across the street from Chez Panisse.

Looks great. I need to get up there. I have a good friend living there now and have never really hung out there

I’m very fond of Kunik, Cabricharme and Montenebro. Corsu Vecchiu sounds right up my ally, so I will seek it out. And if you get a chance to try anything from Cato Corner Farms (especially Hooligan), jump on it.

The cheese counter is one of the best in the Bay Area. The bakery is not.