Grilled chicken on La Brea?

Quick question:

A few years ago – pre-pandemic – we used to take out grilled pollo from a spot in Inglewood. I want to say it was on La Brea, but I could be wrong about that.

It was in a little building – maybe there was one or two tables. It was mostly take out. I even remember Kike’s Taco Truck would park right in front and there was actually another grilled pollo spot about a block away. That place was a little bigger, I think they did their grilling outside.

The menu was basically El Pollo Loco – chicken, rice, beans, salsa. But it wasn’t fast food* – it was really perfectly done.

Anyone remember the name or exact location.

*For fast food, we actually like El Pollo Loco in our house. FWIW.

Lennox Pollo?

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I think that’s it.

It was on Inglewood, not La Brea.

Thanks so much.

I’m sure this is NOT the thing I’m thinking it is, but…


Is that a typo or a very unfortunate cross-cultural faux pas?


Accents matter

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Accents matter

Do they ever.

It’s such a weird thing to see. Like, the last time I heard that word thrown around as an actual slur was the mid 70’s, and it sounded super old fashioned even then.

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It’s a common nikname for Enrique


I figured it was something like that. I’m glad that’s the right explanation.


My bad … I just didn’t type the accent mark.

Thanks for the link and thanks for typing it correctly. I didn’t realize I hadn’t put the accent mark.

E.g. former fan favorite Dodger Kiké Hernández


My first thought is Pollo A La Brasa on Western. The best.

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