Guandong Based Chinese Vegetarian Restaurant Opens In Culver City


Every time I’m there I’ve seen at least a handful of Asians.

I must attract them like flies on shit.

They’re there. Just look at the Yelp reviews. Granted, some of that is the demographics of Yelp itself. But they’re there.

FIFY. :slight_smile:

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Pretty sure he had it right the first time.


I think it’s fair to say that the lack of Asians (FOB-types) at Gjusta is roughly equivalent to the lack of non-Asians at Chinese eateries in SGV (except dim sum).

While some posters on this board don’t respect the taste of Westsiders; restaurant owners do. It seems that they appreciate that we’re willing to pay decent money for good food.

Now that we have Din Tai Fung, Ooak Kitchen and IFood and Sichuan Impression is on the way we Westsiders can stop being the butt of jokes. Plus, on the Westside there are many different countries and cultures represented. I’ve seen very few restaurants that aren’t Chinese in the San Gabriel Valley.

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Thanks for linking the Eater blurb on my article. As one of the posters noted above and our server implied, Ooak Kitchen has been dead as a doornail in its first month. When we were there on Sunday night, those few customers that were in our house (our party of five and another table of six) were mostly Chinese. (There were two other couples there that night.) It’s the demographic change to the Westside that’s driving much of the new Chinese restaurant activity, as the majority of the clientele at these locations are Chinese. Indeed, I was stunned on my last visit to Bao on Beverly Bl. to find that most of their customers were also Chinese. I think the one exception is Din Tai Fung in Century City, as that chain has done an excellent job of crossing over into the mainstream while maintaining their quality. As good as the Hakkasan location in Beverly Hills was, their price point was just too high for most Asian diners, and having to rely on non-Asian diners, folded surprisingly quickly.

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