Gwang Yang, LA's KBBQ king: pic dump

In light of today’s online article [edit: GDANGIT LAT pushes out reviews at 10am now? ARGH] and tomorrow’s print, I’d like to say: I love me some Gwang Yang, even if the valet parking is a bit of a PITA, even when stumbling down the stairs after dinner trips me every single time.

For one, I love what they’re doing with banchans: anchovies laced spicy tofu, sweet pickled garlic that makes a mockery of the millenial-owned “fermented korean-inspired bowl” joint, as well as the dank dongchimi, and some of the best kimchi in town. Two, they treat beef with a certain sense of preciousness.

Being precious, especially if you’re following some crafty mom on Pinterest, is usually annoying AF. But in this case it means Gwang Yang has a 900 gram 30-day dry aged, bone-in prime tomahawk, they have prime brisket just ever-so-lightly marinaded into bulgogi (I normally don’t fuck with bulgogi or cha dae baegi), and they have a fantastic wagyu yookhwe that rivals the tartare at Republique (yah, I know, not the same thing, yet it is.)

Since finding GY, I’ve stopped going to Soo Won/Soot bull jeep/cho sun oak and Paisak. (Mrs. Park never came to touch my table). Of course I’d given up on baek jeong’s filthy watery egg moats even longer before that. And since Soban’s OG halmonie set off to Colorado to find her second retirement, I can’t imagine another K-town k-joint giving as much of a shit about their sourcing as these folks. After all, the sesame oil is from Jeonju, and the myul-chi is about as big as its going to get in (213).

Without further ado:
Reserveable private rooms table tops:

Wagyu-style Korean raw beef. Unnngggghhh so soft, so moist.

wagyu-style kkotsal and anchangsal

yangneom marinaded kalbi:

Saeng unmarinaded Kalbi

GY bulgogi (crowd/JG fave, look ma, video!):

NB: full liquor license. $3 validated valet parking shares lot with Zion Market.


Love this place and my top pick for high-end BBQ by a long shot. I don’t know why anyone would go to Parks when this place is around.

[quote=“Helper_Monkey, post:2, topic:3547”]
I don’t know why anyone would go to Parks when this place is around.
[/quote] Maybe “anyone” doesn’t know about it. Thanks for the rec @TonyC. It looks great.

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Off topic, but every time I go to a Korean BBQ (or see pictures) I’m very glad I’m not the dishwasher there. ;o]]]


… I’m glad laundry machines exist to get out the grill smell after of the clothes afterwards. :slight_smile:

I just throw away my clothes.


I would too, but alas, there be sentimental value in my bespoke shirts…

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Anyone know how to get rid of the BBQ odor on one’s hands? Usually lingers on mine for a couple days.

Although handy the next day, when I get hungry sitting in a boring work meeting for a quick sniff :smile:


you know a place needs better ventilation when your socks smell like korean bbq


The coworkers are probably thinking you are sniffing another scent

nice report. what’s the charcoal situation? Jgold mentions there’s no charcoal but i see some under your bulgogi.

Kohl’s for a quick wardrobe "upgrade* is a mandatory pitstop for me before any Korean BBQ outing

This is a trick! Or some kinda existential Q: You see charcoal, someone says there’s no charcoal. Do you still see charcoal?

Korean for charcoal is “Sook”. “Do you have” is iss-seh-oh. “Sook iss seh oh?” Will yield results as pictured. just “charcoal, please” will probably do as well. I haven’t had to ask… :neutral_face:

Happy beef-eating this weekend, all you poor dads.


Thanks @TonyC. :slight_smile: Great report.

How’s Gwang Yang’s banchan compared to Soban’s?

I’ve had this place bookmarked but haven’t tried it yet. I must go soon. :slight_smile:

Hybrid setup. Gas powered burner used to light a small mound of charcoal.

Any recs for meats and/or dishes?

I will be going again and want to try some new food stuffs. Had the kkotsal which I will probably order again. Galbi was good, but I think Parks is better suited for my tastes.

Kobe Anchangsal

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Thanks, I’ll check it out.

I’m looking for a kbbq for party of 8. Is the private room good for that size? So I’ve been to parks years past. Is this place better? Are there some other places to consider around town?

I choose eating friends depending on whether or not they complain about food smell on clothes after kbbq .