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My Korean grocery store at home did not have four of the ingredients on the list for the (absurdly overcomplicated) kimchi recipe I followed the other day. H Mart had them all.

I’ve never even heard of this one. Nor has Google. Is that spelled right?

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According to wikipedia its the formal name of spikenard, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aralia

i’m surprised that there are two not that far away from each other in k-town, but even more surprised that the third branch is in arcadia (in the SGV) and not in la crescenta, but they chose well; that H mart is typically packed whenever i stop by.

Probably this spikenard. Weird Google didn’t find it.

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더덕 is usually romanized as deodeok, and I’ve always had it peeled, pounded to soften, dressed in a gochujang sauce and grilled. Wikipedia says it’s botanical name is codonopsis lanceolata, so that package appears to be mislabeled.

Our family likes this. The noodles are good but can get a bit soft so I’d recommend cooking for less than the recommended time. Good flavor and has a punch of spice. We buy the frozen mixed bag of assorted seafood to add to the bowl.


My name is Dommy and I am addicted to Plain Wrap Korean Cereal…

Late last year I was limiting myself to one grocery store a week… One particular week it was California Mart, the Korean grocery store in K-Town and we were out of cereal. We don’t eat a ton of Cereal, but we are glad when we have it… so when I saw this on their specials display… I was automatically curious!

No Brand Almond Cranberry Cereal. Turns out that No Brand is kinda like a Korean Trader Joes… It is a store that sells No Brand products at a good discount.

How the heck it ended up at California Mart (not sure if it’s any of the other of the other Local Korean Markets, haven’t been to many lately) I dunno, but since the fall of last year to last week, I was able to get this yummy and delicious cereal.

And the cereal… the best way I can describe it is if Honey Bunches of Oats and Almonds got mixed up in some frosted flakes… This is NOT a healthy cereal. But the flakes stay SUPER crisp in milk. It has way more Almonds than Honey Bunches and it goes well with Strawberries, Blueberries and even bananas added to the mix. I hope they continue to sell it… although last time I went it was moved from the Specials area, to the Korean Snack area… so hopefully it’s not just a crazy lost container sort of situation.


I’ve only seen No Brand at Zion Market on Vermont, so this is a good catch. But the selection was far more limited when I went two months later.


Went to the H Mart in City Center on 6th St. to see what they did after taking over Zion’s previous space.

A whopping $30 minimum for validated parking so I ended up buying a lot more than usual.

Main highlights:

Matcha and strawberry flavored KitKat bars, $5.99 a bag. This was an unexpected find - searched at my local Tokyo Central/Marukai, Nijiya and Mitsuwa without success, only to find it here :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Arrowroot and buckwheat blend cold noodle (dried) with beef broth and mustard oil packets $5.99. Unfortunately, I don’t read Korean so I had to improvise on prep. Serving portions seemed off - stated “3 portions”, but seemed more like 4-6.


Google Translate works a charm in situations like this. Aim your phone camera at the text, and voila!


@helen_s Thanks much for the tip! Gonna try it :pray::+1:


Matcha and strawberry flavored KitKat bars, $5.99 a bag. This was an unexpected find - searched at my local Tokyo Central/Marukai, Nijiya and Mitsuwa without success, only to find it here

99 Ranch and 168 Market have the best selection of Japanese KitKats. Some flavors seen recently: strawberry milk, choco banana, cantaloupe, cacao, pistachio, coffee.


Yikes. None of the other H Mart locations do that, do they?

Seiwa Market also is a good place to pick them up…

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There are two parking lots for this location. The one on the lower level has a much lower threshold, I believe (so low it may be free for the first X amount of time).

None that I’ve been to

More flavors seen at 99 Ranch today: Banana caramel, white salt, white peach, matcha latte, high cacao, whole wheat biscuit, Nescafe gold blend coffee