Habitué - Bel Air

So I’m assuming I’m not in their target demographic if I’m still using a flip phone???

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I am presuming that the restaurant’s name must be ironic given the cost and rigamarole involved.


Flip phones are cool again!

Still waiting for phone booths to make their comeback… #ClarkKentAlso

And new smart flip phones are expensive, right??? So maybe that IS the demographic they’re going for. :roll_eyes:

okay now I’m out. just got vespertine ptsd.


Samphire’s a traditional ingredient in French, Italian, and English cuisines. Handled correctly it’s delicious. In California it’s often called sea beans.

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I’ve had sea beans with seared scallops at Sociale in SF.

pretty common ingredient at higher end restaurants for use as salty ocean flavor, especially from his neck of the woods.

It’d be a pretty big insult to put Marcus at the same level of culinary skill/ingredient usage as jordan. Marcus is the real deal. I wish they were going to put together a restaurant for the “general” public but alas.


@clayfu may I ask

Is Marcus trying to create like a communal circle of Chefs/Cooks/Beverage/Service?

I don’t know enough to be dropping names but for, like you said, names that get dropped here who do this but don’t advertise

Aitor, Mei Lin, Marcus, Manzke become part of a larger collective and rather than everyone having their own teams/operating in their own world

this is one large team of people who train, work and possibly some of them live together

So Habitué becomes the collective space for those throwing the parties as well as those attending?

At least as far as these off site kinda dinners go, and for those who can afford it they have a space they can rely on for entertaining

Not quite like what you’re thinking. It’s more growing a support group for chefs that aren’t well known and are making their way up in the kitchen. It’s also not a communal house for throwing parties.

Thanks for responding. I don’t love the whole nft/web 3.0 stuff (financially speaking my opinion doesn’t mean shit anyway)

but if that’s the world he’s operating in and it works out, I hope he can create something cool for young chefs.

I just ignore it :rofl:.

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I have seen Zion Market in Korea town carried sea beans for most of last year for a few dollars a pack. I have not been going to Zion Market for a while, so I don’t know if they still have it.

unverified max with the review



Krug, '64 Gattinara, '86 Vougeot, monk Chartreuse, not baller enough.

looks like a great meal, but at $1,500 no thank you


Yeah, that’s a whole vacation right there…

all jokes aside, he said the same thing to me yesterday ha.