Hake...Version 2.0

Hake reopened last week with a new room, a new menu and a new chef. I had dinner there tonight and it was an excellent meal. 3 of shared the following:

Opah Chorizo w/63* Egg & housemade Naan
Grilled Octopus
Smoked Hake on Bone Marrow
Tuna Carnitas

There was not a clinker in the lot. The opah chorizo and tuna carnitas were fantastic and if you didn’t know it was fish, you would swear you were eating red meat, or the other white meat. The smoked hake was delicious, mild, lightly smoked without being over powering.

All in all a good meal, tho’ not a cheap meal. Nice bar, spectacular ocean views. Not busy and they will need a lot more business than they had tonight to survive. If you like seafood this would be a nice splurge.


Aloha DD!
Thanks for the report…
Saw the pics of the newly opened up restaurant…looks great and I’ve been craving me some grilled Octopus and this might be the place.
Love Opah (Moonfish) and glad they are using this fantastic fish from da islands.