Hanger Steak with mushrooms

Husband had made some creme fraiche so we got a hanger steak from ACA, pan fried it, sautéed onion, mushrooms in pan drippings, then added creme fraiche, green peppercorns and parsley.

Cut steak.


and a dash of cognac.


How did he make the crème fraîche? Since raw-milk imports were halted I haven’t found any in the US that tastes like it does in France.

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The recipe we use comes from ‘My Pantry’ by Alice Waters.

Husband adds more than 1 tablespoon of buttermilk, more like 2. We also use Clover Sonoma heavy whipping cream, which has no additives, and Clover buttermilk.


Husband misses the yogurt he used to get in Mali. Some flavors you just can’t duplicate.


I’ll have to try that starter.

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Turns out I did try that starter, ten years ago. Maybe the cream is the issue.

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