Happy Chanukah! (With an extra salute to Kevin)

FTC folks,

Happy Chanukah!

Even with just the two of us, I made latka’s from scratch at home. Hand grated the potato and onion. Soaked and drained. (The potato, not the onion.) Mixed. Fried. Blotted. Served with homemade applesauce, sour cream and a Costco chicken (cuz I needed protein in case my new cooking method didn’t work…)

It all worked out dandy and tasty. But I swear… It was all made possible knowing - I didn’t HAVE to do it, I could always go downtown and get the fab latkas (they call them smashed latkas) at The Must. http://www.themust.com

Very freeing. Very. Plus now we have leftovers. Yay!

And as she typed into the night “Happy fried foods to you all, happy fried foods tonight!”


I did a solo first night @ home. Roast chicken + latkas + wine (no pic of those)


Yay you!

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had to take the menorah pic to send to the folks :slight_smile:
(they spent the day baking mandel bread and were blowing up my phone w/ texts & photos)

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LAgirl -

So here’s the funny thing.

What all my friends and work associates have come to hope for, for Xmas? Mandlebread. I have to start baking weeks in advance.

Speaking of which… Shoot. I think I am behind schedule…


That is really, really funny. My folks and both sisters were baking simultaneously @ their own homes (Tucson, Woodland Hills + Anaheim Hills) texting baking tips and photos for hours (unfortunately I was in on the text chain) for the exact same reason as you----everybody’s friends and family now expect to get mandel bread this time of year. I think the saying goes something like: “be careful what you become good at because you will be doing it all the time”.

do you have an elementary schooler at home? just curious.

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I’ll see your menorah and raise you a superhero “discussion” -

In our house we avoid such violence - it’s both.

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BTW…where the hell is Kevin?

maybe kevin has an actual job (unlike me)?

Maybe Kevin had a potato shredding incident, and must stay off the computer until his wounds heal.

My friend told me his family was doing latkas to go with their pork chops. Hilarious.


that is a very good question…he’s been MIA since before turkey day…

Maybe he went back to the special place where they breed unicorn Kevins? To visit?

But I think they’d have wifi…

Pfff you guys still believe in Kevin??

You know your parents made him up, right???


Maybe he broke the fuck meter .

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