Has anyone been to Chao Krung lately?

Their IG posts have been looking really attractive. Let’s investigate

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Let’s. It’s been years.

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I went twice in the past 3 days, I think it’s my fav local Thai now.


What you like? I called twice to order khao soi beef they didn’t have it so I got bored

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Confirmed. It’s the :bomb:
Larb should not be chicken, I don’t know how this happened. Great flavor and spice though


A unique Khao Soi in my opinion. Very deep and smoky flavor. Superbly tender beef chunks. Needs more mustard green and onion

Really liked their green curry as well but will ask for spicier

So I asked if ownership changed since this is no longer similar to the place we used to come to buffet with coworkers over a decade ago to… they said no but the generation changed! So kids took over and seem to have a better pulse on the fact that people like to eat more than yellow curry and sweet pad thai


Ahhh… so that’s what it is! I never thought of Chao Krung as a food talker kinda’ place. Looks great!

Yep. It’s pretty basic for kids to realize what kind of dishes are more in style and demand and try and do those well. So many restaurants keep doing the same.

Many fail from stubbornness.

I hope Pailin makes it for example but owner doesn’t want to have tables outside even though their sidewalk is way bigger than what tons of others are using


Like the Talesai son doing Night + Market!

Too bad about Pailin. It’s great to see the ingenuity some restauranteurs are using to pivot their biz model in the time of Covid.

I mean they’re doing pretty good with take out and delivery but a couple of plastic tables are very simple. Just illustrated to me that youth brings flexibility sometimes

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Yeah, I was thinking they’re probably doing good takeout & delivery biz. Thai restaurants seem to be the few that are still delivering direct if you ask and most of the food travels well but it’s not like eating there.

Oh man. It’s crazy good


Man, I’ll miss things like this. We are leaving the area. :wave: bye Skramzie

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where you headed homie?

Moorpark mate. Park la Brea is Lesspark

Ok the Green curry with shrimp is fantastic there. Very nice beef salad too

SK bang bang to please the kid. Was nice being in the old neighbourhood, been 4 months