Have friends coming in from out of town where to go?

They like seafood, lobster and crab legs, mexican food, and steak and potato places. One is from DC and the other is from Michigan. Any thoughts. I was thinking of something very LA. Whatever that might be.


Full disclosure they LOVE TITO’s and Versailles.

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Newport Seafood in BH for lobster http://www.newportseafood.com/location/
Broken Spanish for Mexican (or do a taco, birria crawl)
ChiSpacca for meat & potatoes. Or Mastro’s BH for people watching. or Lawry’s?


Very LA would be Mastro’s Malibu IMHO. It has its strengths and weaknesses, but the view is killer.

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Good call on Mastros Malibu.

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Connie and Ted’s, Fishing with Dynamite, Bolling Crab, Neptune’s Net, Malibu Seafood, Musso & Franks, The Galley, Coni’Seafood & Ricky’s Fish Tacos


Respectfully disagree w/ that rec. Admittedly, maybe they were giving the cut-rate stuff for DineLA, but the food was not good and, at the regular price, would probably detract from the enjoyment of people watching. :frowning:

You didn’t mention baked goods, but Chaumont or Bouchon Bakery (especially siting in the courtyard on a weekend) are very LA places (well, the clientele is, at least).

+1 on Newport for lobster (and bo luc lac, which I guess you could sell as a deconstucted steak???).

+1 on Ricky’s. Maybe Tacos Puntas Cabras for a delicious hole-in-the-wall experience? Monte Alban might also be a good choice, if you think they’d like Oaxacan.

How about late night at Ruen Pair? A Korean BBQ place (either AYCE or a more upscale one)? @Chowseeker1999 recently did a great post about Korean goat stew.

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-Sea Harbour
-Horse’s Mouth

-Broken Spanish
-Colonia Publica
-Tire Shop Taqueria

-Arthur J
-Mastro’s (Beverly Hills)


Charcoal Venice
chi spacca

son of a gun
connie and teds

nobu malibu

fishing with dynamite

BS taqueria
broken spanish
guerrilla tacos
ricky’s fish tacos


Wow, you guys came through!

What about places that aren’t so expensive? I would LOVE to go to Nobu & Mastros. :slight_smile:

Malibu Seafood, Chi Spacca

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Boiling Crab if they’ve never been, much prefer the king crab legs to the crawfish.

Nothing says LA like Oki Dog - Japanese owner serving Japanese/American/Mexican stoner food in the hood.

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It’s been quite a while since my last meal, good to know. Maybe Fogo de Chao instead. LOTS of meat.

Another LA type cafe suggestion is Urth on Melrose.


Guisados for tacos

Ok. Going down the price scale, but serving Mexican, seafood and steak, not to mention killer tortillas made before your eyes (tip the tortilla maker) and great margaritas: Casablanca, on Lincoln and Rose. Unique, therefore, since it is in LA, very LA.


Mariscos crawl on Olympic - Mariscos Jalisco, Mariscos 4 Chente and extending to Taco Baja Ensenada.

How about Seafood Palace for the house special crab? In the Valley Puro Sabor for Peruvian food - great ceviche. They don’t have a liquor license so you would have to bring your own.

Nothing very LA about Boiling Crab. It’s a branch of a Texas chain. There similar places in DC and Chicago.

That helps the guy from Michigan a lot.

Great ideas! You all rock!

What item is that under the salad from nobu?

Uni tacos