Hayato - Kaiseki in a Box

Hayato is a new, legit, no-compromises bento box and soon to be kaiseki restaurant at ROW DTLA. 16 expertly prepared items all cooked by Brandon Go. This brought me back to Japan and I wish I could have eaten it aboard a shinkansen racing its way to Kyoto. But eating it amongst the hamsters at the ROW had to do. Tastiest $50.42 bento box I’ve ever had.

I’ll be back to Hayato when they open for dinner.




dashimaki tamago
seared duck breast
satsuma sweet potato mitsu-ni
snow crab tofu
wild mexican white shrimp shinjo
black cod saikyo yaki
datemaki tamago
agedashi eggplant
dried shiitake nimono
hon shimeji mushroom ohitashi
grilled hokkaido scallop shioyaki
winter melon in ginger dashi
japanese cucumber with sesame and salt
chrysanthemum greens with sudachi citrus
koshihikari rice with root vegetables
snow crab claw sunomono




1320 E 7th St
Ste 126
Los Angeles, CA 90021
(213) 395-0607


holy shit that looks amazing. immediately bookmarked. is this right by the old American Apparel factory/smorgasbord?

info for everyone else:

Bento Service
Bento service available by advance reservation every Tuesday - Friday. All pickups are at 12pm. All orders are placed via Resy.

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Want want want

Is high end bento boxes a thing in Japan?

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place is so new it’s not even on yelp yet.

So pretty

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I’ve had my eye on this place for a while, so glad to hear it’s good.

It looks like it’s worth it and I understand the limited nature/how much work goes into each box, but whew $50 feels steep for lunch in a box.

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They’ve only been open a week.

Forgot to mention they only make 20 a day tuesday to friday, advanced reservations required.

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I hope he’s making at least $10 each bento and sells out every day, or else damn that’s a hard life.

max gross per month assuming he sells out every day is only $14.4k


Yes. Also free one hour of easy parking in the parking structure with validation.

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At one throw. But even “okay” Sushi places are around $50pp when done and done. Definitely worth it IME. Can’t wait to try!



Dammit stop scooping me! :slight_smile:


Is there a deposit on the box?

$50 (which is the full cost), pre-purchase 48 hrs ahead on Resy.

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seriously what’s the shelf life on this thing? Eat within 30 minutes? Eat within 5 minutes?

My writeup on the exemplary box of food is forthcoming…


if you’re talking about a refundable deposit on the box, no.

Excited shared this post w/ a friend, and she read the chef’s autobiography on the restaurant. It’s quite heartfelt, I think:



Koi Sushi in Seal Beach is his family’s restaurant.

I am excited what he will bring for dinner service


Aren’t there 2 Kois in Seal Beach? My go-to for omakase is the one on PCH, and the food is always fantastic.
Super cool to see the next generation experiment with a different concept.

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I would eat it as soon as you can.