Hayato - Review

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i have a large array of water supply for them…la’s finest tap, laundry scented water, water from my toilet before and after flush, etc…


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There’s potentially 50 shades of gray (water) right there.


Your sleuthing scares the shit out of me.


TLDR: I have to agree with @J_L and @PorkyBelly on Hayato’s bento tasting even better than I remember! Each of the 19 components in the box is cooked with utmost precision with distinct flavors and texture. For example, wintermelon’s natural grassy flavor comes through along with a hint of savory dashi and just a smidgen of kick from ginger to liven things up. Or the fact that the umami bomb, aka wild Mexican white shrimp shinjo, have little bits of prawns that aren’t grounded up so it gives a more complex mouthfeel. And did I mention that this raved write-up came despite me eating it almost 3 hours after it was picked up?

The only downside to getting this bento is the fact that I now need to up my damn F5 game so I can fight all of ya’ll FTCers for the next reservation release on September 1st.

Anyone know the rice brand that Brandon use?

koshihikari rice with root vegetables

agedashi eggplant

honshimeji mushroom

wild mexican white shrimp shinjo

snow crab tofu

chrysanthemum greens with sudachi citrus

snow crab claw sunomono

satsuma sweet potato mitsu-ni

datemaki tamago

japanese cucumber with sesame and salt

grilled hokkaido scallop shioyaki

dried shitake nimono

black cod saikyo yaki

seared duck breast

pickled daikon namasu

pickled carrot

baby turnip

wintermelon in ginger dashi

dashimaki tamago


The way that cucumber is cut is simply stunning.

not sure of the brand, but he uses koshihikari from uonuma japan for dinner.


Chef considers the possible lag time, and designs the dishes’ tastes to last for quite some time while sitting in the box. THIS is Bentology.


I like how the layers serve an actual purpose in lending the cucumber a different texture. I can’t quite describe it! Halp?

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I don’t know where Hayato gets their rice, but you can purchase Uonuma Koshihikari rice from the below site (that I found out about from another FTCer). Actually have a small bag in my pantry and didn’t know that’s what Hayato used until I read this post!


Thank you sir! I suppose “White” is the go to option?

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Yes, that’s what I got. Also it looks like it’s sold out currently, but they restock periodically.

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love the rice factory. i think brandon mentioned he gets his rice from mutual trading company

i call it the cucumber slinky.


I like how you swapped out the chopsticks with your own personal set. :laughing:

Let me know if the mutual trading works, been eyeing their source of binchotan :eyes:

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I was just playing around with that screenshot. That page says that they’re only able to sell to businesses and not to the general public.

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