Hayato - ROW DTLA

hayato only takes reservations for 1 or 2 people now, problem solved. tell your friends to get their own damn reservation.


You sure did. Excellent report.

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Nice report back @PorkyBelly. :slight_smile: Some of those dishes we had in previous visits, but it makes sense since he’s reflecting the seasons (and they are all just phenomenal). :slight_smile: Love their Nodoguro as well! So incredible.

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that’s the only dish that didn’t work for me on my visit

:heart_eyes: :drooling_face:

I 1000% agree on the interaction part. It’s like a small private house party where you can learn, eat, and drink.

Now I’m wondering what other places get to this level of interaction in LA. For me its just Somni and Sushi Inaba so far.


I think somni is close but there are so many cooks in the kitchen and they’re so far away it’s hard to converse with any one of them.

Dialogue maybe?

(practicing my old Dagobah Yoda voice)…

There is another.


I haven’t been to Hayato yet, but pasta dinners at Bulgarini Gelato are very much like eating at someone’s house, including good conversation, wine recommendations, and relaxed pacing - and the occasional late arrival of your host.



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in @Nemroz bucks: $240 + 16% service charge + tax + extra tip + parking + gas - 4.5% cash back


I like to time my visits with the seasonality of the seafood that becomes available.

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@PorkyBelly I’ve had a fun time talking to the chefs at Somni. While sometimes they are off getting ready for the next course they’ve always been very engaged and happy to respond. They really enhance the experience. Not quite as intimate as Hayato but hopefully I’ll be able to point out who is who from the chef listing in the menu. Plus they do a monthly email which introduces and talks about one of their staff.

I’ll have to try Dialogue sometime! Thanks for the suggestion. It was lower on my list because I always thought they were going to move and then I think there was an article about how they renovated the interior a bit or something lol. Plus hearing they have an interesting non-alcoholic pairing peaks my interest after trying the one at Somni.

@J_L Haha care to share your picks? :smiley:

@ebethsdad Thanks! I’ve definitely seen it mentioned before. I was getting the feel then that it’s better to come with a group for that one? I tend to dine solo more often than not so that limits me sometimes (I’m definitely not the bang x bang type, let alone bang x bang x bang lol).

@coffeezeri I feel like the last few visits I’m always making it in just before the menu changes haha. And then I get all antsy about wanting to go again haha. He just brought back the wagyu shabu and I really liked that one…


S night, my friend, S night.

Shunji and Yuko (and one very busy dishwasher in the back) are the only staff in the house. Only 8 guests and only one seating.

The banter is real: Shunji answers a ton of questions about everything from what it was like to be one of the Godfather Chefs that opened Matsuhisa to if he secretly served seiyo-wasabi to guests at any point in his career. (He had a nice response to each.) And Yuko-san drops knowledge left and right about sake all night.


Yo what the fuck last night was crazy.



Okay, I recognize most of those dishes, but what was paired with the little turnip in photo 11? Reminds me of engawa. And the next photo–what was in those croquettes? Man, everything looks good. Can’t wait for my next dinner there!

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Looks like some sort of sea bream, kinmidai, or nodoguro paired with the takenoko (bamboo shoots)… Agree that it all looks superb.

(edit: Ah I was lookin’ at photo 13, not 11…)

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Looks like anago with japanese turnip and nori-panko crusted scallop.


Thank you @J_L and @PorkyBelly!

Me whenever Chef Go introduced a course:



Now $240 + 18% service charge + tax + extra tip + parking + gas - 4.5% cash back

Last night at Hayato was absolutely wondrous. Another extraordinary meal with Chef Go, and met YET ANOTHER FTCer :slight_smile:

I’m only listing dishes that have changed since the above posts from @PorkyBelly and @butteredwaffles. Limited commentary because, well, nothing more needs to be said about Hayato at this point.

Spot prawn has replaced spiny lobster

Anago shinogi has replaced the mackerel, which was one of my top two or three favorite bites

A5 wagyu is back on the menu - first time I’ve had red meat at dinner here

Sawara gohan. The latest version of this (post kinmedai and buri)