Hayes Street Grill

I don’t know quite why it came to mind this evening, but I’ve not been for decades, and yet it (apparently) keeps going strong. I also don’t know anyone who has been in years. Any FTC reports? I’d be happy to return for a decent piece of fish if I’m in that area if it is worthy of a stop.

I was there recently for the first time in probably 10 years, and it seems much the same as always. I liked it OK, but I was also at Sam’s Grill a few months ago after a long absence, and I liked it better. Sam’s had been in a decline since changing ownership in 2005, but changed owners again in 2014 and now seems to be back pretty much to where they were before.

I’m basing my assessments on one (recent) visit to each place. YMMV.

I went a few years ago and it hadn’t changed much. I wouldn’t expect it to so long as Unterman and Sander are involved.

Mmm, shad roe.