Heading back to Rio in the fall - what's new?

We generally go to Rio every year but missed last year. We’ll have three weeks there (post-Olympics). Is there anything we shouldn’t miss. We’ll be staying in Copacabana but comfortable on public transpo. TIA.

We’re leaving Weds and I’ll keep y’all posted.

More than a little tired after traveling for 24 hours but here’s a standby. All up and down the beach are kiosks serving food and drinks (alcoholic and non). Pretty much our go to are these great grilled sausages and onions. And caipirinhas of course. Their onions are so sweet and good.


It’s not new but new to us but what a treat to find a FRENCH bakery here. Although there’s a bakery on every corner (it seems) and every grocery bakes, we find their baguette-type bread a Wonder Bread equivalent. Open the bag and let it sit for a couple of days. Now we can stroll a few short blocks from our apartment, have a croissant with a cafe au lait and pick up our baguette. And many other things! Ridiculously delicious!!!