Heading to Palm Springs Tomorrow, Lunch Ideas for Route

Hi FTC, heading out from West LA to Desert Hot Springs for some needed R & R. Thinking of stopping for lunch somewhere along the way off the 10 (or 60?) and currently weighing options. Currently on the list is Padua Pasta, Merry’s indonesian, Ootoro (though more expensive than desired)?

Cant really say that I have a target idea of the exact kind of food Im seeking…kind of easy as long as quality and say around $30 less per person (no alcohol). Since Im rarely out this way, want to know what Im missing!

Thanks !!!

Get a date shake. I don’t know where specifically but definitely get a date shake

Hadley’s…there’s also a store where you can get the dates they grow amongst other items. Off the 10 close to Morongo casino.

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In general the traffic on the 60 going east is better than the 10 but check Google Maps. I think it’s also shorter in terms of miles. Since you had Merry’s Indonesian as a possible choice it seems like you are thinking of stopping around half way between WLA and Palm Springs (1/2 way time wise not mile wise).

Other choices in the general area

  • Earthen for green onion pancakes, pot stickers, house special chicken and jja jaing mein.
  • Sanamluang and Ruen Pair for Thai and both very close to on/off ramps.
  • Sun Nun Dong for galbi jjim
  • Kang Ho Dong for Korean bbq

Here are some other threads for stops on the way


Thank you JS and others- super helpful ideas!

Date shakes are all over once you’re out in DHS.

Some places we ate while we were there:

Hilltop Jamaican (Pomona) - curry goat, jerk chicken, greens, rice and beans and curry patties, fried dumpling (basically everything)

San Juan BBQ (Riverside) - mofongo, tripleta, alcapurria, arroz con grandules

Big Dayne and Beale’s Texas BBQ (Fontana) - spare ribs, brisket, Mac n cheese

Skip ooToro.

Padua is good, the pasta is really nice. The sandwiches are good but not great. I get the Italian sandwich, no lettuce, no dressing and a side of gardinera to add in. Makes it taste much more to my tastes. Must eat soon of the bread gets a tad chewy. Pasta salads are made with their homemade pasta, pasta has a nice chewy but not really great in terms of how they season them.

Awesome ideas, thanks!!

Depending on when you leave and traffic conditions, you might be just in time for some dim sum at Sea Harbour around lunchtime.

Love sea harbor and well versed in sgv Dim Sum spots. Guess that’s why I’m looking for a low profile/locals/unique kind of spot to kick off a week long xmas break. The kind of place you’d never forget. I also have on my radar this Indian spot. Anyone been here? http://www.ashirwadtheblessingsupland.com/

Then how about a sandwich or burger at Honeybaked in Upland?

Right off of Mountain Ave exit on the 10 fwy

Oh yeah Carlos Salgado has a place at the Ace Hotel in PS

I recommend Drag Queen Bingo at The Ace with the Fabulous Shirley Claire on Monday’s at 7pm at King’s Hwy. BTW, not sure if Carlos has that kitchen under control yet. He’s trying.


I probably wouldn’t eat there, but the Desert Hot Springs Spa is a fun place, pretty much the opposite of your usual upscale expensive day spa or resort, especially on Tuesdays.