Heirloom Watermelon?

Hi FTC’ers!

So I’m wondering if anyone has a hook-up on where I can find some heirloom watermelon varietals, aka some with seeds. No one sells them anymore!

Also, has anyone found outlets for any of the differently-colored watermelons? Trader Joe’s has some yellow ones, but everyone else’s seem to be your typical red/pink varieties.


The farm store at Cal Poly Pomona often has different varietals.

Murray Family Farms has a few different varietals, and at least one has seeds. They are at a number of farmer’s markets, including SMFM on Wednesdays.

We’ve found seeded watermelons at the local FMs but only on occasion. Sorry I don’t recall specific sources.

I’ve seen the other-color watermelons at the Japanese markets. I’ll try to confirm today as I’m heading to Mitsuwa.

Mitsuwa only carries seedless watermelon now. Apparently, any other type of watermelon moved too slow.

I didn’t know this, but the manager mentioned that the produce department in the Mitsuwa on Centinela in Mar Vista is one of the chain’s top grossing produce departments - second or third in the chain. If they can’t move the produce there, it seems unlikely they will carry the more unique melons at their other stores.

The Fox Hills Trader Joe has yellow watermelons.