Helados Pops Ice Cream -- San Fernando

Didn’t see this mentioned on the board anywhere so I thought I’d give it a plug.

Yes, it’s in San Fernando, off the beaten path for many of us.

But these are really excellent ice creams. Much less rich than Salt and Straw, McConnels, and other city favorites, these ice creams veer a bit closer to gelato in texture. They are focusing on making the flavors, especially their fruit options, cut through.

Highlights include mamay, guanabana, pepina con chile sorbet, banana, and my favorite, lucuma.

Don’t go in expecting an ultra luxe base from Clover of Strauss. But these guys are homegrown and are doing a lot of things right.

Worth a bit of a detour to give them a try.

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I actually have a lucuma tree.

Love the stuff, reminds me of caramelized roasted pumpkin. Can only imagine what it’s like in ice cream form.

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That’s a lucky thing to have. Everyone should have a few fruit trees growing if they have a yard.

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Fruit tree = maintenance

They’re great to have but require regular tending. The biggest problem is pests. Insects are a constant problem. But the worst is fruit trees draw rats.

No, the biggest problem is having a yard full of rotten fruit.

Nothing is quite like the smell of rotten apricots, peaches, lucuma, pomegranates and blackberries, all nicely mixed together like some fruit smoothie from a baby’s butt, on a hot summer afternoon.

I’m a problem solver.

That problem is part of the rat problem.

As a condo dweller, I hear all you’re saying and I’m still jealous of all your rat-infested, baby-turd-smelling, fruit paradises.

Don’t be jealous. The quality of produce at FMs makes home-grown a less attractive option. Lemons and limes are probably the work horses of fruit trees. That’s what I reach for the most by far. Potted varieties are very good as long as you have a proper place for them in terms of light/heat.

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as if we needed further evidence, this confirms ipse’s pad as THE place to party down this summer.


Every week is compost week in our backyard. Our earthworms eat good.