Help me book something now that Barbuto is closed

Not in Little Italy (its in the West Village) and I haven’t been in awhile, but I always liked Piccolo Angolo.


Also not in Little Italy: Forlini’s, Villa Mosconi, Emilio’s Ballato.

But if you HAVE TO go to Little Italy for some reason, Parm is good.

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Thanks for bringing this place back up. I ended up booking it for a group friday dinner. Hoping the friday Bouillabaisse special is nice

We’ve only managed to go that one time. I hope you and your group enjoy Pastis and the bouillabaisse is to your liking. Please report back.

So Pastis was super fun. Ridiculously loud but that’s what our group wanted out of a Friday night. Food was great but bouillabaisse special was criminally over salted. Confirmed with my friend who got same dish

Thanks for reporting back! Glad you and your group enjoyed Pastis. Too bad about the over salted bouillabaisse. Even though you were ok with the noise level, I avoid restaurants with hideously high noise levels like the proverbial plague no matter how terrific the food may be. We haven’t been back yet, but when we do, we’ll go for a late lunch as we did the first time when it isn’t as busy, and the noise level is tolerable.

It’s a nightclub at night. But we had a good time.

Mono was probably favorite restaurant of this trip.

Is that Casa Mono? And what are the dishes in the photos?

Yes. Croquettas, razor clam, fabada (sort of), confit goat. Sorry I’m bad at writing up away from keyboard

Good news for you and all of us in Manhattan:


So is it worth checking out? Never got a chance to try it prior to closing

great news.

It is not yet re-opened so I don’t know anything about its reincarnation. I liked the vibe and food of the old location very much. It was the de facto Industria cafeteria.

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I thought the old Barbuto was quite charming - a nice neighborhood place that wasn’t a scene. The famous roast chicken didn’t do it for me, but I thought some of the side dishes were really good. I liked the garage doors that rolled opened in warm weather, which apparently the new place won’t have, although I read the new place has floor to ceiling windows. Plus I read that all but one of Jonathan Waxman’s former staffers are coming back to work with him at the new place – I think it is worth checking out just because I think that loyalty says something nice about the restaurant leadership in this day and age.


I loved the chicken on my first visit but it has been ages

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Oh it’s right by the Whitney!

Have you hit it yet?

Nope and probably won’t since I am not full-time in New York. If I were full time in New York and lived nearby, I would definitely go as I had a nice dinner there last year (despite not being wowed by the chicken), but I’m not sure it is destination worthy as opposed to a lovely neighborhood restaurant.