Help me turn fried chicken into smoothered chicken?

Got it from Stater Bros. too salty. Was thinking of turning it into smoothed chicken?
How to make the gravy with no pan drippings?

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Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve never liked reheated chicken.

Heat a 3-4 tbls, butter, oil or some type of fat in a pan.
Add a couple tbls of flour. Wisk into a paste (roux).
Slowly add some chicken broth (about 2 cups), a little at a time, constantly wisking. You want to cook off the flour taste (about 5 mins).
Add salt, pepper, poultry season or sage (optional).
When done add the chicken to the pan and cook a few minutes more.

This is all by memory, so you may have to adjust ingredients.

I buy these at TJ’s or any market. They really come in handy for that rich flavor. If you use these, don’t add salt.

Happy eating!


How helpful


Well, for me, I’d be taking something edible and making it inedible. After making the gravy one would then cook the chicken a second time. Perhaps I’m the only one who doesn’t care for reheated chicken.

I don’t get pouring something wet on fried food. Better to serve it on the side and dip.


I like smothered fried chicken.

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Good point. Here’s Craig Claiborne’s recipe and it’s not battered and fried.

And when I think about smothered pork chops, they aren’t either.

I’d probably pull the skin off - where the saltiness likely resides - and make chicken sandwiches or salad or ?

Guess you’re not a fan of poutine.


yeah, but poutine, the ‘crisp’ is really only for the bits on the edges and in the beginning. by the time you’re at the center of a plate, it’s all down to fat and salt and cheese mush. Glorious mush, but still.

Poutine is a very strange food.

At some point I was going to post this on What’s Cooking or some other home cooking thread. But this one seems appropriate.
I call this: The Three Stages of Gravy.

I think I could have gone for a darker fourth stage, but I’m impatient.

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I used to think so, with my friends from Montreal going on and on about special family gravy recipes and the proper ‘squeaky’ cheese curds.

When I finally had it I got it instantly. It’s perfect cold weather drunk / stoner food. I can totally see someone having a family recipe and having a specific something that cannot be replicated.

It’s the local flavor of the salt/grease bomb that is filled by cheese fries, nachos, fish and chips, and other variations. Just as Adams claimed all races have a drink pronounced “gin and tonic” and bourdain judges a culture by their meat in tube form, I’m thinking there must be a category for this sort of 2am comfort food which each subculture fills.

I have no idea where I’m going with this but it sounded profound.


This came out pretty good. After I made the gravy, I threw everything a the crockpot. even added some turkey carcass from xmas.


I made smothered pork chops and have looked at recipes for chicken. There’s no breading/batter.

Smothered fried chicken is sort of like the American version of your typical steam table, take out Chinese sweet and sour chicken.


Growing up, I had a friend whose mother made smothered fried chicken - she was from Alabama and it seemed like the recipe (as many of the dishes she made, like her Red Velvet Cake with a boiled icing) was part of her family tradition.

I have also had Smothered Chicken that wasn’t fried (else it would be Smothered Fried Chicken); two different dishes.


The other day I came across a recipe in a dreadful 100-year-old “French” (my ass) cookbook that called for flouring chicken before putting it on the grill.

Patty Labelle’s recipe for Smothered Chicken with Gravy calls for flouring the chicken and pan frying it before cooking it in the gravy. I’ve made it several times.

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