Help-Urgent! Best Schnitzel you've had in LA?

German styles.

Veal preferred. Pork will suffice. Chicken dead last.

Boring answer but true: Spago.


I think this is hard to find.

I haven’t been but there is Jagerhaus in Anaheim and Red Lion in Silver Lake

Polka in Glendale has a pork version that wasn’t bad.

I have not eaten here yet but heard very good things about this new German spot in WLA. Second location, first is in the LBC.

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Does anyone know what became of Bierbiesl? I know it closed after moving downtown but there was talk of moving back to the Westside, it’s been a while since I’ve heard anything. It was years ago but I remember their schnitzel fondly.

Pork schnitzel Croatian style at Cafe LuMar in Monrovia. Their cabbage rolls are even better.

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Edelweiss in Newbury Park. Not a great name if you are German–too kitchy, but schnitzel and other dishes are pretty decent–not what you would get in Germany or Austria, but for this area.

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@Bigmouth said that he (he?) tried it this past weekend (in this month’s weekend rundown thread) and liked the chicken schnitzel.

I had the chicken schnitzel there tonight, pretty good, served with a decent spaetzle and a sauerkraut I did not care for. Once they go to the full menu next month, I think they will also be offering a pork version but not veal. Solidarity in SM also has good pork and chicken schnitzel but, for veal, I have to agree with mrgreenbeenz that the version at Spago is hard to beat, especially with bierbiesel gone.

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Berhnard Mairinger

Seems to be catering and doing occasional pop-ups.
My last sighting of him was Taste of LA 2018, doing a corporate gig for Stella Artois.

Miss his food - and presence on the LA restaurant scene - dearly.


At 6-foot-10-inches tall, Chef Bernhard’s presence is hard to miss anywhere.

Wasn’t there a deal at one point where people matching his height ate for free, or something to that effect?

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You have a great memory.

I asked my 6’9 1/2" friend to match up with Chef Bernhard… Chef was sweatin’ for a bit, but ultimately the math prevailed. My buddy had to still pay for his meal.


Did they make him take his shoes off?

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not 1 making veal huh… guess that would be a 25$ schnitzel

Spago is veal i believe

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Musso and Franks has veal schnitzel, but I’ve never ordered it.

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He was doing pop-ups at this, was it Thai?, restaurant in Beverly Hills or around there. I was getting emails about them, but it’s been a while.

@matthewkang just wrote a piece on Eater LA recommending the veal schnitzel at Spago.