Here Comes A New Challenger! The Mouth-Watering, Delectable, Stunning Sourdough Neapolitan Pizzas of La Morra Pizzeria [Thoughts + Pics]

Hi @hungryhungryhippos,

I think you’ll like their Clam Pie, amazing! I’ve never seen the Sun Gold Tomato Pizza, I’ll have to keep an eye out for it next year when it’s Tomato season again. :slight_smile: Thanks.

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I could not. I can eat a whole pie but that’s a dinner in itself.

They have a type 42 license, so no minors. I’m surprised to see that, most wine bars are licensed as restaurants (type 41).

La Morra sets up in the parking lot behind the bar, so you could probably walk up that way without going through the bar. Driveway is around the corner past the hotel’s.


Woo hoo!

La Morra Pizzeria will have a month-long residency at Kettle Black in Silver Lake!

  • Dates: January 9 - February 1, 2020
  • Thurs - Sat, 5 p.m. - 11 p.m.

La Morra Pizzeria (at former Kettle Black location)
3705 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90026
Tel: (323) 250-3735

No Reservations Required

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This is great news! I wonder if prices are going up.

I went on Saturday and got their 5 cheese pizza (forgot the name)…it was pretty good but didn’t love it. Pizzana is way better IMO.

Hi @skramzlife,

Thanks for the report back. That is one of the flavors we haven’t tried yet (it sounded a bit boring). If you get a chance (especially with their new month-long residency and more days serving), give their other flavors a try like the Clam Pie, Calabrese (with the fantastic 'Nduja Sausage), Love Grows (Pancetta, Rosemary, Red Onion) and the Bianco.

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I really wanted to try those but they didn’t have them!!!


Wound up wandering over to the new pop up last night. Had a really nice time though I miss the bar at Tabula Rasa.

My friend had a cynar spritz and I had a Grenache blend. Also on the menu - mezcal Negroni, gin and blood orange tonic, muscadet, sparkling something, ipa and kolsch.

You line up to order then take a number and seat yourselves. Pizza and drinks come on two separate tabs.

Place was full around 730 and they were killing it. Pizzas came out fast and were great! We had a five cheese and a spicy guanciale pizza. Both were signature la Morra.

Only thing that bothered me was how loud the music was though that was fine because they played Boz Scaggs.


Close your eyes and you could be at Saison.

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Update 1:

La Morra Pizzeria’s month-long extended residency at the former Kettle Black restaurant has begun! We had to swing by and see how La Morra might be working out in this new space.

Walking in, the former Kettle Black dining room is spacious, relaxed, with nice mood lighting. It was at 80% capacity when we arrived. You still order your food before sitting down (they have a cashier setup next to the bar).

Chef Zach Swemle and his crew seem to be settling in just fine using Kettle Black’s wood-burning oven, but I’d imagine his own custom-built oven is still more familiar. Marlee Blodgett keeps the front of the house well organized, orders are taken quickly and guests are able to easily find seating.

One huge advantage of having a month-long residency is the larger Pizza menu, with more options than the Wednesdays-Only pop-ups at Tabula Rasa. There were 6 Pizzas available on the menu.

Patate Pizza (Shaved Yukon Golds, Raclette, Rosemary, Parmigiano):

Normally, the idea of Potato on Pizza might make you think it’s too carb heavy, but Chef Swemle once again shows a great understanding of flavors and balance: The Patate Pizza is an exercise in subtlety and deliciousness! :blush:

The Shaved Yukon Gold Potatoes are thinly sliced, so as to not overwhelm the palate, add in the brilliant use of Rosemary, which lends such a beautiful bright, piney, refreshing quality that lightens up each bite, and it’s nicely bound together with Raclette and Parmigiano Cheeses, and once again that Sourdough base! Delicious. :heart:

Amatriciana Pizza (Tomato, Guanciale, Pecorino, Chili):

Where the Patate was a study of subtle deliciousness, the Amatriciana is the opposite: Total flavor explosion and a wild party on a plate. You are first hit with an excellent Tomato Sauce, not overly tart, nor too sweet. The chewy, mouth-watering Sourdough base enters the scene. Then the Guanciale: SO fragrant, deeply porcine flavors that pervades your senses, and you get the Pecorini and a little bit of spicy from the Chili.

It is INCREDIBLE! :heart: :blush: :heart: (@PorkyBelly @J_L @JeetKuneBao @TheCookie @Gr8pimpin @chinchi @hungryhungryhippos and others!)

(Secret Menu) Pepperoni Pizza:

La Morra is also featuring 1 Pizza not listed on the menu! Their secret menu item (so far) is a Pepperoni Pizza. Perhaps because it’s so “blue collar” or “OG basic,” but La Morra will make this Pizza if you ask for it. It’s just not listed. I was thinking of our FTC Pepperoni Lovers (@Ns1 @Gr8pimpin and others) and knew this had to be ordered in the name of “research.” :wink:

First, the Pepperoni are slightly crisped, with some nice edges, although they are not the “grease chalices” that some of our FTC’ers might be seeking out in NY-style slices. But, it is very good nonetheless.

The slightly crisped Pepperoni have a good salinity and meatiness, combined with their excellent Tomato Sauce and Mozzarella, and the nice, soft chew from their Sourdough Neapolitan-style crust, and you have a great Classic Pepperoni Pie that is outstanding in its own right. :heart:

La Morra Pizza during this month-long residency will feature a Vegan Pizza each week as well (@hanhgry @Luluthemagnificent and others). On this evening it was a Cavolo Rosso Pizza (Tomato, Kale, Garlic, Shallot, Oregano, Chili, Basil, Olive Oil). Their Bianco e Verde Pizza (also with Cavolo Nero Kale) was already outstanding, so I have no doubt this one would be just as good. We’ll try it next time. :wink:

Overall, La Morra Pizza despite being in a new (full) kitchen, with a new wood-burning oven feels like it’s already firing on all cylinders: The Patate Pizza (Shaved Yukon Golds, Raclette, Rosemary, Parmigiano) was brilliant in its unique balanced deliciousness. The Pepperoni Pizza has that classic taste, but just executed so much better compared to the majority of Pepperoni Pizzas around the city (it is easily our favorite Pepperoni Neapolitan-style Pie). :slight_smile:

But I’m dreaming about their Amatriciana Pizza still: That incredible burst of flavors, the Guanciale (Pork Jowl) is what all Pizzerias should be using after tasting how fragrant and porky it is, the balanced Tomato Sauce, with the Pecorino and Chili. So good!

We can’t wait to see what La Morra might rotate in this week.


  • Dates: January 9 - February 1, 2020
  • Thurs - Sat, 5 p.m. - 11 p.m.

La Morra Pizzeria (at former Kettle Black location)
3705 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90026
Tel: (323) 250-3735


This looks so good! I already told my husband this will be dinner one of the nights this week :smiley:


I love reading about your adventures in thoughtful research!
I love potatoes on pizza…it started with an CPK pizza when I was younger and has continued to the Mozza potato pizza. This one sounds fantastic!


Was able to make it to La Morra at Tabula Rosa on their last Saturday there (2 weekends ago). Dragged some friends along who live in the area. They were a bit bemused that I insisted on getting to a wine bar right at 2pm (didn’t want to wait in line!), but once the pizza came, I was vindicated. They go to Desano’s regularly and thought this was better!

This is definitely my favorite Neapolitan/hybrid style pizza in LA, and might be my favorite, period. The crust just had the perfect amount of chew, crispness, and flavoring. Can’t add much beyond @Chowseeker1999’s already excellent posts but adding a few more pizzas for completeness.

Napoli (left) and Plain margherita (right) One of our party is lactose intolerant and we ordered this for them. So satisfying even without the cheese, with such a nice combination of flavors. Next time I’ll try it with cheese but could totally be satisfied with this again.

The margherita was really really nice, with a touch of sweetness in the tomato sauce

Cinque Formaggifor cheese lovers - displayed more salinity vs the margherita’s sweetness.

Just a bit of Honey. Not on the menu for the day but we saw someone else eating it so ordered it! The honey is very subtle, but the soppresata wasn’t!


Hi @attran99,

Thank you. :slight_smile: I think La Morra would be really enjoyable; hope you get to try them one of these days.

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looks great @Chowseeker1999, thanks for the reports. what’s the texture of the crust like? is there any crispness or crunch like at pizzana or is it soft and chewy like sotto?

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Not soft. Not full-on NY-style, but definitely crisp. “Neapolitan” in the topic title is misleading.

Much love to all you FTCers. Based on your recs we went to La Morra last weekend.
It was excellent. Sat in front of the pizza oven and enjoyed the show.
We had Tanota Takoyaki and Mariscos Jalisco earlier in the day, so we only ordered the Patate pizza to share.

This potato pizza was soo good. Creamy garlic sauce topped with soft, thin-sliced roasted potatoes. The rosemary here is the key element that brings that foresty-floral aroma and some acid/bitterness to balance the richness of everything else. The crust is also extraordinary. Not crunchy, but not flaccid @PorkyBelly.

I really enjoyed this and will be back before the end of their Kettle Black residency.
I’ve gotta try one of their pies with tomato sauce!
I asked about some of the other pies recommended by @Chowseeker1999 (clam, calabrese). Unfortunately, they are unavailable.

PSA/Reminder: The pop-up at Kettle Black only continues for 3 more weekends!


I’m so torn. Kettle Black is in my hood but I started Keto.

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are there heat days in Keto? serious question… but also so maybe you can enjoy a slice.

edit: cheat not heat.