Heroic Efforts

I ordered the Cioppino from Heroic Italian in Santa Monica the other night ($28) and it was excellent; crammed with a lot of Santa Barbara seafood (clams, mussels, shrimp, fish, a split prawn, and a scallop) and ample broth. The only negative was that they forgot the garlic ciabatta toast that was supposed to come with it. There are a few other entrees and pastas on offer as well, and their very good sandwiches–though, for only a couple of dollars more, I prefer Gjusta’s version of the Italian.


No toasty bread with Cioppino sounds more like a crime than a negative. :slightly_smiling_face:

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New on the menu is a very good porchetta sandwich, the Roma ($15), which comes with crispy skin and a rich, porky gravy on the side. Different than Gjusta’s take but equally satisfying; however, when Gjusta prepares it as a melt with the rapini, the edge tips to Gjusta. Evan Funke’s version is even better still but sightings of it are, alas, rare.


Has anyone been to Heroic Italian for dinner recently?

Just for to go. Which is still quite good.