Highland park echo park eagle rock then downtown

hello humans:

i’m thinking about grabbing a drink and a nosh later this afternoon with a pal.

wasn’t there some new fantastic cocktail joint that just opened in highland park? any other
suggestions for that area, echo park, eagle rock and then downtown.

high quality cocktails/drinks a must. if the food is good and we can sit at the bar, even better.

many thanks.

Not sure about a cocktail specific joint but the drinks at Recess on York have been spot on the two times I’ve been there. The paloma is the bidness. Food ain’t bad, too.

highland park bowl. say hello to maron.

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Doesn’t open until 5PM on weekdays, though.

Do you mean this place, which is across from HPB?


Sonny’s Hideaway is a very excellent cocktail spot with good food too. Fun/nice/chill vibe inside. Recess is also a good option, more restaurant than bar but good drinks and decent food. ETA and HP Bowl are both new and precious and super hip with fancy cocktails but i can’t speak to their food.

Echo Park doesn’t have much in the way of cocktails unless you want a shot and a beer at the gold room, though there’s a bunch of great beer and wine in that neighborhood and Mohawk Bend does make alright cocktails.

Eagle Rock is the same, I’d say - almost all very casual, beer and wine and burgers and pizza kind of spots.

yes that is the place i read about. eta.

and thanks to veryone for suggestions.

thought i’d report back:

went to the greyhound, highland park bowl and eta. greyhound first because the others weren’t open until five (tried to go to salazar but they weren’t open) drank beer at the greyhound; they had a nice sour on tap. highland park bowl is one of the coolest spaces i’ve seen in a long time. just gorgeous. very decent drink, too.
eta also makes a very, very good cocktail.

again, thanks to everyone for the help.


If you like sours, hit Highland Park Brewery at The Hermosillo the next time you’re in that hood. They’re brewing some of the best beer in LA at the moment and typically have some great sours.

That bowling alley is stunningly beautiful. (A weird statement to make about a bowling alley.) They did a great job with it.

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Crowdsourcing your day drinking jaunt is such a hipster web3.0 thing to do.


hey man it’s not like i stuck you with the tab…but that’s not a bad idea.
i should warn you, i’m a big tipper.

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