Highland park - Pre show @Lodge Room

Any recommendations for a pre show dinner? someplace I can have drink and something not too heavy

Highland Park Bowl.

Looks good thanks for the recommendation

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Just for a drink, yes…

Cote Este

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Otoño, Hippo, Cafe Birdie, HomeState, Greyhound (in order of my personal preference) are all right there and would probably suit your needs. There’s also Las Cazuelas, Triple Beam, and Folliero’s but those depend on your definition of heavy.


there’s a lot of places close to the Lodge Room for dinner and a drink. I like a lot of the places mentioned in this thread but at Highland Park Bowl i have never had to wait in line to get in and i just like the way the place looks. the food is fine, i can have a cocktail, and sometimes that is just something the fits my mood.

So far it’s between Hippo and HPB! Hippo I’m guessing has a leg up on food but HPB looks like fun haven’t decided

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Great bar there.

What do you think of the pizza at Highland Park Bowl? I have it bookmarked but never really heard from my fellow FTC’ers about it

It’s suprisingly good bowling alley pizza (if you consider this a genre of pizza) lol

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If you have time, check out Good Housekeeping, a great little cocktail bar hidden behind Cafe Birdie through an alley. Cool vibe and solid cocktails.

For a dinner spot, I haven’t been, but a few friends have told me they really liked Hippo.

I really like the Lodge Room as a venue for shows. Good sound, intimate, and a decent beer selection.


It’s legit. Had it after LQ one night. We were lit

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I ended up at Hippo. Didn’t have any problems getting a seat at the bar. The place reminded me a bit of the original Superba - loud lively atmosphere, good pastas.

Was going to try Triple beam just cause I was there but the line was long by the time I got out of Hippo