HiHo Cheeseburger

Tried the new HiHo Cheeseburger in Santa Monica, and I think we have a keeper.

Ordered the namesake HiHo Cheeseburger, which comes with two 1/3 lb patties of grassfed beef, American cheese, ketchup, onion jam, lettuce, and pickles. It’s clearly modeled after the In N Out Double Double, right down to the bun (more on that later) and mustard-grilled patties. It’s outstanding.


The flavors all melded perfectly and I was particularly tickled to see a hint of pink when I bit into my patties. That’s exceedingly rare (no pun intended) for a fast food burger.

Really, my only complaint was the bun, which was a little too large and just kind of blah. If you told me they got it at Costco, I wouldn’t argue. I wish it were a nice, firm sesame seed bun like they use at Super Duper Burger up north. My buddy got the lettuce-wrapped version, and I may try that next time.

Still, it’s a minor quibble.

They give you the option of ordering the burger ala carte or with fries, and I highly recommend you get the fries, as they’re outstanding too. They come with skins on like In N Out fries but are slightly thicker, with a crisp exterior and soft, almost mashed potato like, interior. Just excellent.

P:Q ratio peeps will be particularly pleased with this place. The burger plus fries costs $9.75 and is worth every penny imo. However, the secret is out. When we got there around noon, the place was busy but there was no line. By around 12:30, however, there was a line to the door, so go early.


Our family agrees. Didn’t try the shakes or pies. Anyone?

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I didn’t either but the slice of banana cream pie I saw looked legit.

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Thanks for posting first.

I liked the burger, fries and the shakes. Shakes were Strauss Creamery. Cheaper than Pono Burger Shakes but basic flavors, very good. I wonder if they thought about offering soft serve ice cream like Super Duper.

Burgers are Wagyu beef. Greatly enhances the food offerings around Third Street. Simple solution to buns that are too big: don’t eat it all. My “beef” would be with burgers with buns too small, such as Five Guys.

I had heard that Ippudo Ramen was supposed to open just down the street.

That doesn’t work for me. You can’t just tear off the ends because it’s still too tall/puffy. Throws off the ratio of meat to bun and makes it harder to taste the meat, which is the star in a way it isn’t at other fast food places.

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so just go to In N Out? got it

fine looking fries - burger is not my cup o’ tea but those fries…

Looking at the menu and the pics, I think the double cheeseburgers (it doesn’t look like you can order a single) are a 1/3 lb total, not a 1/3 lb each, so a little bigger than In-n-Out burgers which are 2 oz patties.

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You should definitely stick with In N Out. Lines are already long enough. :wink:

I forget, Bob, what kind of burgers do you prefer?

Oops, I think you’re right – good catch.

Thick, rare and juicy. Don’t like thin patty burgers very much.


Not me. I’ve had it once in last 2 years. Burgers are not something we go out for. This was last week

https://i.imgur.com/QCsAWnq.jpg :slight_smile:

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Burger was good, but the ketchup is a bit too sweet for me. My only complaint.

Damn, those are some good looking Ghetto Burgers!

HiHo has a great Dine LA deal right now. You get a triple cheeseburger, fries, and slice of pie (or shake) for $15. That burger is just insanely good.


Way down at the bottom of this article they finally mention expansion plans - a sit down restaurant coming to Mid-Wilshire in the Summer.

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Wow! Finally tried HiHo. Truely excellent, fries are remarkably good also burger is a great value

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Really? I like the burger, but the fries are meh to me. What did you like about them?

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Very crunchy, well seasoned & fluffy interior. More than i normally like to pay for fries but they’re good

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Hmmm… Maybe I’ve been hitting them on off days for the last few visits. My fries weren’t very crunchy (or crunchy at all). Will have to find a reason to visit again. :wink:

I’ve only been once so maybe I hit them up on a good day or just got a fresh batch since I happened to be in early and the place was still mostly empty