Himalayan Flavors, Berkeley

I hadn’t been in quite some time. They have remodeled and it is now a somewhat more stylish spot. I had an old dusty Restaurant.com certificate, and 3 of us went.

(1) Lamb momos. Good
(2) Smoked eggplant mush (it had a different name) - very good
(3) Goat curry - good
(4) Salmon tandoori on a sizzling plate with veggies - very good
(5) Garlic naan - standard
(6) Rice - in bowls

Tasty and satisfying. Served with complimentary soup to start. I wouldn’t go way out of my way to eat here, but it isn’t out of my way. Food could have used a bit more heat - I’ve ordered “medium plus” there in the past and it was plenty hot. This time, not so much. We washed it down with an ice cold Indian chenin blanc. Yes, ice cold, just above freezing, which was probably the right temp for this wine.

Easy parking in a big lot.