Hiroshi (Los Altos)

Has anyone been to Hiroshi?

Every night since they’ve been open. Meeting with the Bankruptcy lawyer this morning.

Add this place to the list of “Places I’ll never go unless someone wants to take me.”


They did get written up a couple days ago

We are getting a branch of Tokyo’s Wagyu Mafia eventually, though it remains to be seen how that will turn out (it’s possible the Omakase/Okane/Dumpling Time group may be involved somehow)

Too little too late. The whole reason Silicon Valley is becoming Silicon Beach is because LA has places like Yamakase.

That Business Insider headline, the touting of restaurant catering to the “tech elite” and Google execs, the gold flake, the tv which has been used for PowerPoint presentations during dinner, the single seating (either you buy all the seats or sit at a communal table with strangers), the deposit which appears mandatory, etc. all are turnoffs to me. Maybe it’s just that banal article, but I’m not inclined to go. I’ve been hoping for a good wagyu place instead of Alexander’s.

From what I could tell from their menu, the now defunct Yakiniku Hiroshi in Honolulu served alongside some genuine a5 wagyu a cut of beef they called “US Kobe” (an oxymoron unless “Kobe” was a style and not actual Kobe beef, like saying “California Champagne”…)

It’s quite evident from some restaurants that the Bay Area Tech Money has shaped a certain segment of the dining scene, and it’s one which I don’t care for.