Hoagie Room @ Pizzeria Beddia

Pizzeria beddia first opened in 2013 as a two-man, takeout only place with no website, no phone, no slices and only made 40 pizzas a night. if you wanted a pie you had to physically show up and place your order with john walker and wait for joe beddia to make your pie. it quickly because one of my favorite pizzas ever along with tacconelli’s. that is, until bon appetit crowned them the “best pizza in america” and pretty much ended any chance of eating their pizza again, unless you wanted to wait four hours in line for a pizza.

They closed in 2018 and opened up pizzeria beddia 2.0 in 2019, a fully blown restaurant with a bar, table service, phone number and they even take reservations. in the back is the “hoagie room”, a small private room where a party of six can experience a hoagie “omakase” from john walker aka “hoagie wan kenobi” along with pizza of course.

The hoagies were excellent, especially on the freshly baked sesame-seeded rolls. my favorites were the italian (the best i’ve ever had), tuna and even the veggie hoagie was delicious. the pies were just as good as i remembered with a flavor and crispy crust. @Chowseeker1999, @TheCookie, @Sgee

spanish cantabrian anchovies

red cat cheese

not pizza - tuscan kale, shaved vegetables, creme fraiche, mint

not hoagie - roasted vegetable caesar

veggie hoagie - mushrooms, broccoli rabe, red peppers, provolone cheese, lemon-basil mayonnaise

tuna-sardine hoagie, olive tapenade, tomatoes, red onions

italian hoagie, hot capicola, mortadella, iceberg lettuce, provolone, tomatoes

tomato, anchovy, garlic, oregano, galen’s good old

pizza arrabiata, royer mountain

cream, calabrian chili, garlic, dandelion greens, royer mountain

crimini mushrooms, tomato, whole milk mozzarella, galen’s good old

sweet cream soft serve

Pizzeria Beddia
1313 N Lee St
Philadelphia, PA 19125
(267) 928-2256


Hi @PorkyBelly,

I am disappointed you only finished 4 whole pizzas. Where did you go for after-dinner-dinner? :wink: :smile: (j/k)

This looks amazing! I can tell from the pics alone the crust and creation of the pies are something special. I’ve bookmarked it, hopefully I can try it the next time I’m passing through the area.

The Italian hoagie (and all of them) sound great as well. :slight_smile:

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Love that you’re such an anchovy lover. Hoagies! :blush:

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Yes Please!