Holiday party - how much/many sides?

I’m hosting a holiday party for my friends next weekend. I’m roasting up a couple of hams and serving it with various rolls/bread and accoutrements for mini sandwiches. It’s a potluck party, so everyone is bringing a dish…however, I’m finding too many volunteers for dessert because they have to arrive late for various reasons. I’m thinking of catering some salads to make up the difference. How much and how many should I order? We’ll have about 20 and their kids.


So 20 adults plus how many kids - and how many teenagers?

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@ElsieDee 1 teenager, 7 kids…give or take one or two.

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One leafy salad, one creamy salad, one fruit salad. Quarter-pan sizes. That should be more than enough salad.


Thanks, @Bookwich!

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