Hollywood Bowl -- is Lucques really serious about this?

half the fun of going to the bowl is bringing your own food/wine but maybe that’s because I don’t go so often that it gets old.

I remember eating most of the menu one time at the bar when Patina was running the place, really good, mostly small plates stuff as I remember at least much better than what I was expecting.


that’s what I usually do too, but I’ve got tix for a couple of upcoming shows and wanted to check out some alternatives. it seems like going old school is still the best way. plus picnicking gives me an excuse to break out this really great insulated backpack w/ a wine sleeve attachment that I picked up eons ago which is my go-to Bowl accessory.


I have never been to the Hollywood Bowl…what is up with that!
Looks like a fantastic venue to enjoy music.

Anyone going tomorrow to see my beloved Gladys Knight and Tower of Power?

We grabbed tacos from the Street Tacos stand for the Sting & Peter Gabriel show a few weeks ago. It was $10 for 2 very small tacos and the line was so long, and so slow, that we nearly missed the start of our show. And there was huge line still behind us when we went to our seats. My first comment to my husband was that we would pack food for any future visits, which is what we normally do. It wasn’t terrible food, though we were so hungry at that point I don’t trust my judgment, but for the price and the wait, it definitely wasn’t worth it. The other food lines might’ve had better food results, but the lines were just as ridiculous.

This was our experience last weekend as well. I only had the time to stand in one line, and that was the 15 minute line for a $42 bottle of red. While the food options might be great in the boxes, or better outside of the boxes if you have time to stand in line, I was really glad we packed snacks that night.

Hollywood Bowl is a great place to bring your own food and wine. It’s part of the experience. I practically grew up there, we used to walk from our place on Whitley.

I love preparing picnic baskets, but If you don’t want to pack your own basket, tons of places provide picnics. Joan’s on Third, the Bel Air Hotel, and Clementine are just a few of the places from whom you can order a basket.


Sadly, it so many shows there nowadays won’t allow one to bring ones own booze.

One must always bring one’s binoculars…


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By “so many” you mean all lease events?

I use a sunscreen "flask"

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I have plenty of empty sunscreen bottles. No need to pay $10 for a fake one.

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yes, there’s nothing quite like a delicious bottle of Chateau De PABA


My '92 Chateau Bain du Soleil (appellation St. Tropez) is a rare bottle.

Must be rare. None available on wine-searcher. Better save for a specific occasion.

Maybe kevintans.com snatched up the last few bottles.

You! I wasted 1.320156 seconds of Google time searching for kevintans.com to no avail. :wink:

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Urinary Leg Bags.

No one is going to question you at the gate or pat you down.

You’re welcome.

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… and for a truly convincing pièce de résistance, the indwelling Foley catheter.

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phhhhht. i always go accompanied by a master distiller and her portable equipment
so she can whip me me something on the spot.

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