Hollywood eats

Taking a tour of hollywood today, what are some good places to eat in all price ranges. Sit down places. hey don’t eat flour.
They love tacos, but the gringo kind. But any kind of food is ok? What’s very LA? Doesn’t have to be. just curious what you guys might come up with.

Didn’t know if I should post this in the other thread or not.




Petit trois


@hollywood highland
Pokinometry upstairs
Grom downstairs

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Ruen Pair, 5257 Hollywood
Sapp Coffee Shop, 5183 Hollywood
Luv2Eat Thai, 6600 W. Sunset
Paley, 6115 Sunset
Grub, 911 Seward

If parking is an issue, Ruen Pair and Luv2Eat both have parking lots. Sapp is a little tougher but I always find street parking. Paley has valet. Grub is street parking.


Just make sure you and your friends are okay w/ spicy. :slight_smile:

I have not been, but Maré has gotten fairly good reviews.

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In 'N Out


Luv2Eat or Jitlada.

In-N-Out, Tommy Burger, Pink’s, Greenblatt’s, Ruen Pair, The Grove/Farmer’s Market.


The Roosevelt Hotel is right on the boulevard and is a classic old hotel that’s been restored nicely. They have different eating options, including rooftop dining or a burger place or Public Kitchen. I haven’t been in a while, but we always had fun when we did go. My out of town guests always like it when they want to experience "Hollywood ".

Hotel Roosevelt
7000 Hollywood Blvd., L.A., 90028

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we ended up going to zankou. It was delish! The chicken was cooked moist and perfect, unlike the one I usually go to in east hollywood.

we were going to go to in n out, but they kept saying they didn’t eat bread and protein style would be a “letdown”. Then We were going to go to Greenblatt’s and they kept saying “oh, we would want to get a pastrami sandwich and we don’t eat bread.”

Then I thought of Zankou and as soon as they starting eating it, they LOVED IT and then saw the pita’s and started saying stuff like “i bet that pita is delicious.” Then they starting eating the damn pita with the garlic sauce! :joy:


Awesome! And I totally forgot about Zankou in making my list, so I’m glad everyone enjoyed it! Definitely a very “LA” meal :slight_smile:

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