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I’m not a big fan of yums generally, so take my comment with a grain of salt. I’m not saying there is anything in particular wrong with Holy Basil’s yum, though I did not think the salmon was a good choice for main ingredient. I like larb better because there is something to soak up the pungent flavors.


When I spotted the steelhead yum on the menu last week, I knew I needed to try it having missed out on Holy Basil’s other Yum Nights.

Yum Dry Aged Salmon

This was stupendous. The steelhead is aged in house, and is served in a very spicy marinade alongside shallots, cilantro, and celery. I like heat, but after a couple bites this thing really started making me sweat, so I couldn’t really savor it as I just kept shoving in bites to fight off the pain. As hot as it was, it’s quite a refreshingly light dish—probably great to split with someone else so you can try some other things.

Kai Yang

Holy Basil also recently added this to their menu and it might be one of my favorite versions because the execution is so damn high. The chicken thighs are marinated and then grilled to produce the most crisp, crackling skin. It’s served with a small side of picked papaya, and while the wild rice didn’t soak up as much of the juicy chicken as I would have liked, it was a decent base to round it all out and did pick up the slightly sweet/spicy tamarind sauce.


hi @rlw,
thanks for the report, that kai yang looks :heart: :blush: :heart:

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Just thought I’d through it out there but Steelhead is trout not salmon. Tastes similar to salmon but leaner.

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They call it salmon on the menu and use steelhead in the description so maybe they switch it up some days :man_shrugging:


Is that a catchy hashtag? Feel free to use it on the belcampo thread.


Can anybody report on how the omelette holds up via delivery? We order delivery from Holy Basil semi-frequently, but I am reluctant to get the omelette because I’m scared it will die in transport.

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It’s one of the few things we haven’t gotten from the menu, but knowing how it’s cooked, it should be ok for delivery or takeout

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Generally more fluffy than crispy but you will lose some crispy edges during transport.

The joy is scarfing down eggs, rice, chilli sauce, fish sauce and chiles

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It’s on for curbside pickup. Where can I eat this safely? I was thinking Row DTLA



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Taking forever to load the pics.

Krawpow Beef
Green Curry
Tom Yum
Pad Thai

All outstanding dishes. The Crispy Pork and Chinese Broccoli was probably my least favorite and part of that was on my end. The drive from Santee Alley area to parking at the Row, softened the pork too much. This dish should be enjoyed asap. Same with the Pad Thai or any of the stir fry noodles. Green curry, Tom Yum, and Krapow will hold up pretty good and can be enjoyed hours later/refrigerated and heated up. Keep that in mind.

Holy Basil is awesome. Bangkok/Central style dishes are ubiquitous (hey I used that word outside of science class!) around the country. I think most places really see them as a means to an end, in other words $$$, dead presidents, C.R.E.A.M. Holy Basil takes pride in making these classics and staples the best rendition possible. The menu is tight as oppose to having a 100 item menu. I hope that trend continues in future Thai restaurants.




We started eating at Holy Basil during the pandemic when they only had takeout. So I can’t compare except to say that we loved, loved the omelette and found it fluffy & crispy enough. Then again I make allowances under the circumstances and am not an everything has to be piping hot off the stove or it sucks kinda gal. YMMV


glad you finally got to try them…but how did it compare to… oh, nvm :rofl:


Tried their new gai yang chicken—love the seasoning, juicy and tender thighs with nice crisp skin.

Larb hed with grilled oyster mushrooms was excellent.

Seems everyone’s using the Joint dry age seafood now, Yum dry age salmon


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Holy Basil coming to Atwater mid-summer.

For all that don’t know this is simply the best Bangkok style food around.

They ain’t taking a can of Maesri curry and selling it to farangs for $15. The pad thai is not overly sweet. The Krapow uses holy basil. All of their dishes are made with care and high quality ingredients.