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I’ve had it before, but after our convo I bought a loaf of peasant bread for research. Yep, @ElsieDee did great! It will definitely be my first bread.


Oh my wow! I don’t eat veal, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like it. That looks so good!


Nowadays veal isn’t as verboten as it once was.


I always liked shoppers corner in santa cruz . The veal was 6 dollars less a pound and so much tastier than the mature cattle cuts . Thanks to the wackadoodles who wouldn’t buy it .

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Our guests contributed the wings and the cake from Porto’s. My sister stayed late to help clean up and helped with the cookies. It was fun to have people over.


This article presents a good argument for giving up beef all together, dairy too while you’re at it.


Have you read Pollan’s “Omnivore’s Dilemma”?


I read and watched In Defense of Food.

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I feel like FTC is my respite away from ethics police. I am too very mindful of environmental and health impacts. But I feel this place is for celebration of food not the problems. You do you but I’ll just not engage


Made an asparagus sauté earlier this week. I had some bell peppers and cremini mushrooms that I needed to use and a bunch of asparagus that I had picked up from Sprouts. I finished it with some leftover lettuce wrap sauce I had made using Chrissy Teigen’s recipe with garlic, ginger, Thai red chili sauce, soy sauce, and sesame oil. It was a very popular vegetable side dish.


Hah! You have alot of strong opinions about stuff yourself, buddy. :wink:

Yep, I know my audience and try to be mindful of the ethical talk. I wouldn’t have carried the exchange much further. I think people should be able to politely discuss what they will and won’t eat, likes and dislikes. It also helps others not waste time with recommendations the person is not going to take. It happened to me. Someone saw I complimented something and kept giving me recs and shout-outs until I politely said I don’t eat it, probably making both of us uncomfortable. So I like to put it out there. But we should be able make a comment without others questioning, debating, posting articles trying to change minds (rarely works btw). Besides, I’m not a complete stickler about anything, so there’s no use arguing with me when you might see me take a bite of a fatted calf roasted on a spit. Just kiddin’ but just sayin’.

P.S. People can talk about anihilating any and all species for their dinner plate but get squeamish when someone talks about what they won’t eat for ethical, religious or health reasons.

Happy Eating And Talking About Whatever You Want!


Oh yeah, baby! Time to start digging into some Asparagus! Looks pretty!

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Definitely I just was voicing my thought process on not wanting to personally go down that route here but I’ll read whatever y’all say. I do all my preaching in places I’m not just trying to be the best glutton

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Perhaps combine this with “What’s Cookin’”?


Spaghetti & Meatballs

Meatball recipe calls for beef, pork & veal. I substitute the veal for ground chicken (not turkey!). The beef gives firmness, pork gives flavor & fat and ground chicken gives the delicacy that normally comes from veal, imo anyway. I purée onions, garlic, parsley & chicken broth, then add mixture to meat, along with salt, red pepper flakes, eggs, plain breadcrumbs & parmigiano-reggiano - combine without overworking meat. Hey, those toasty points sticking out are from dinner at Republique. This is one of my dear husband’s favorite dinners. They’re fun to make but take hours! :sweat_smile::sweat_drops:

Orange Salad w/Lavendar & Fennel Pollen Goat Cheese, Cranberries, Candied Walnuts, Croutons and Bomb-ass Salad Dressing

Dressing is made from heating orange juice then soaking cranberries in the warm liquid, add olive oil, grated orange peel, orange champagne vinegar (optional), white wine vinegar or skosh of white vinegar, salt & pepper and refrigerate. :kissing_closed_eyes:


holy shit that spaghetti and meatballs looks awesome.




The salad dressing sounds interesting, I am going to give it a try. I love a nice vinaigrette.


how many yolks in the meatyballs?