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That’s good to know. I was under false impression then


Very nice

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Put together a quick “pizza” lasagna. Layers of provolone, fontina, asiago, mozzarella, pepperoni, and a sausage sauce between pasta. There was an old pizza place in Burbank that my office used to cater from that had a lasagna pizza…so I turned it on it’s head and made it into lasagna…no ricotta because my odd husband dislikes it. In the oven now and will be ready in about an hour.


Sounds great @attran99. I’m kinda’ with your husband. I don’t refuse to eat ricotta and I cook with it if the recipe calls for it. But it’s something I mostly just tolerate.

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It’s kinda funny to me although this sounds GREAT! I make Hazan’s green lasagna and the only cheese is grated Parm. Talk about a contrast!


@TheCookie You are much better than my husband…he straight out said I’m glad you don’t use ricotta when we talked about lasagna earlier in the week.

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Oh so you’ve been to Dino’s too.

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Actually…never technically been there. They would deliver us dinner at least 4 times a year when I worked in the ‘hood.



Short ribs a la APL and Majordomo. Took APL’s recipe and skewed it a bit Asian for lettuce wraps. I’m probably going to make this for our Easter holiday meal. Thanks to Whole Foods and Amazon Prime for the discounted short rib plate.


Scallops with cucumber, corn, Thai chilies, orange, lime and lemon juices, olive oil, Maldon salt, and a dab of chili paste.

I think I’ll add some lemon zest.


Lovely! Are those WF/Prime sale scallops?


Went to Smart and Final to pick up Diamond Kosher salt today (my usual place to get it) and they no longer carry it! The cashier said it was discontinued by the vendor. I havent seen it at my local Costco - any idea where to get it in the SFV?

I knew I should have stocked up…


They are! Here is another plate:

Scallops, strawberries, mint and parsley, preserved lemons, cucumber water, olive oil, salt.


Stupid question: so you eat them raw?


Gorgeous plating, @Bookwich!

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Boogiebaby -

They have only discontinued it in the canisters. The boxes are alive and well. If you are near a Sam’s Club or a Costco, your odds are good. (At least that’s what the company told me a while back, when I called.)



You’re so nice! My family always teases my attempts at plating, but the food tastes better when you make a little effort, even if you’re (meaning me) not the most artistic sort. :slight_smile:


As often as possible. :slight_smile:


Mine does, too!

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