Home Cooking 2019

Oh my. I can barely stand to bake at home. Much less anywhere else :slight_smile:

We’re Sick :face_with_thermometer:

Chicken Soup made with leftover Calif Chix Cafe’s chicken & veggie rice, my spicy pickled root veggies, a few kinda’ fresh root veggies, bouquet garni, lime, lots of garlic, a touch of heavy cream, because I couldn’t help myself and I had some. :yum:

Note: Daikon took longer than the other veggies, especially the potato. Next time I would add the potatoes last.


I’m fighting a nasty cold (laryngitis, bronchitis) and right now I want nothing more in this world than a bowl of that soup!

I can tell you nailed the crispy sage. Deft touch with that.

What are those greens in the back?

First off - I hope you are feeling better!

Secondly, wow, you are tougher than me. I always keep tubs of chicken soup in the freezer, at the ready, because by the time I know I need some? I’m too tired to make it!

Soup making for your own illness? Another mark of being a grown up. (The first would be driving yourself to the dentist, when you know you are going to have dental work done.)


Awww thanks!

That sucks. You sound worse off than us. We’ve got the basic cough and stuffiness. Feel better soon!

:face_with_thermometer: :bed:

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At first I thought it was zucchini cut lengthwise, but now I’m thinking possibly leeks?

Haha… I do have Campbell’s in the cabinet. But I had these items and thought “what the heck?”

P.S. I still have to be driven to the dentist sometimes. :wink:

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Spicy pickled vegetables, what a great dea. I usually put a lot of Lemmon juice, but I’m trying your version next time. Feel better!

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Andrea Nguyen’s Chinese Chive (shrimp) Dumplings.

I got them a tad to brown but they tasted great! She’s one of my gods.
The dough was too wet so I tossed it out and quickly made a new batch. Easier than tinkering with it.




Hey @Bookwich, I thought you might like the spicy, pickled vegetables. :wink: I recently decided to try some easy pickling recipes after getting a container of awful pickled vegetables whose main ingredient was salt. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I should have started pickling a long time ago.

I had lemons but couldn’t decide which or both to use. The lime idea came from that Peruvian Chicken Soup you posted and I hacked a while back. After reading your post I added some lemon while reheating today. :slight_smile:

Added Lemon, Baby Spinach & Squirt of Sriracha


I’ve been using her cookbook lately, but cheating with pre-made wrappers. How easy are the homemade?

They’re easy but I hadn’t made them in a while and they were too wet. Rather than try to adjust I just mixed up a fresh batch. I DO consider the tortilla press a must-have for this. And, no, I don’t make tortillas :slight_smile:

BTW she has a new book coming out soon.


I have all of hers but have resisted ordering this one. For no good reason. They’re all great.

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Leisurely Sunday mornings means a full breakfast at home. Biscuits and gravy is my household’s favorite breakfast. My husband’s family is from the south and his culinary tastes totally skew that way. I’ve spent the better part of the last 20 years trying to understand and improve his family’s basic recipe. My gravy is bacon and sausage based, but my biscuits are just simply buttermilk, butter, and a bit of shortening. I’ve really loved the flavors of European cultured butter, so simple scrambled eggs are terrific with it.

While it’s a bit messy to eat, I love my handheld version.


It’s funny. I grew up in Atlanta and we never had biscuits and gravy. Don’t know if that was regional or familial. Also never had “chicken fried steak” but rather “country fried steak.” It was pan fried and the gravy was brown. I seem to remember that chicken fried steak originated in Texas.

Wow, fascinating about the tortilla press. Now that I think of it, it makes total sense!

The dough looks fantastic.

She also instructs you to take a quart zipping bag and cut the sides off. Rub a teeny bit of oil on the two sides that the dough will touch. I’ve also found that if I press too hard, it gets too thin. But if it does you just roll up the dough again and redo. But I DO get performance anxiety as I don’t make them often enough.

And thanks.

Okay, considering inexperience or “haven’t made them in a while” what amount of time are we talking? :slight_smile:

How long since I made them? Maybe even a year. '18 was an insane year for us. How long to make? The dough? 5-10 minutes. When they were too wet I could have added more wheat starch but I had already held it over since the day before so I just made a new batch.

Your biscuits look really good! I see nice buttery flakiness, not scone/crumpetness :slight_smile: like a lot of biscuits?