Home Cooking 2019

Okay, great. I’ll stop messing around and start making them.

I was wondering the same thing about regional or familial. My mom’s cooking had a lot of southern influence but I never had those dishes until I moved from the east to California. She always made biscuits with brown or poultry gravy w/innards, no sausage. :thinking: Hmmm… the history of gravy…

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Here’s a photo of the same dough where you can see better. The shrimp one are my version of har gow :slight_smile:asiandumplings


That’s the shortening…butter gives flavor, but shortening gives flakiness. Gotta love Alton Brown…I try to fold the dough rather than knead it to bring it together.


We always use a biscuit cutter after rolling out the dough. One thing I really don’t like are super thick ones.

Good tips! I wish more restaurants would use the shortening.

The Pioneer Woman Chili is our house chili recipe. I had actually made it yesterday and incorporated some gochujang and ssamjang that I had lying around in my fridge. It was so successful that I am making it, again, today. The gochujang and ssamjang adds another layer of underlying sweet and earthy heat. I’m used about a tablespoon each yesterday, but have upped the ante today by making it 2 tablespoons of each.
As a note of precaution, I only use the above recipe as a guideline. I adjust the spices she suggests and add whatever I feel like as I cook. I mix together cumin, mustard powder, cayenne, chipotle, smoked and sweet paprika, and chili powder. I found some chicharron salt at a spice store recently that’s got a bit of sugar and habanero, and have been throwing that around to play with it.


Krapow Beef

Yup better than chicken!!


Can someone describe the difference in taste with Holy Basil vs Thai Basil?

Anyone see Holy Basil? Where can I get it?

Krapow is suppose to be with Holy Basil but most people here in the states just use Thai Basil

I had a lot of leftover gravy from a shrimp etouffee I made this weekend, so I used it to make an after school snack for my child.

Gumbo with chicken and sausage and a bit of leftover ham. My rice came out nicely and I topped it with furikake, because I’m fusion like that.


Stewed some great veal chunks on the bone. One is a shank.

Final pic didn’t look so great but came out nice


Stunning dough! Yay you!

Bless your heart. It really is easy. For me the hardest part is assembling so, as you can see, I frequently opt for the above.

Its alive …!! I mean the home cooking thread . I have never seen so many posts . Keep it going
I was starting to believe. Nobody cooks in LA


cauliflower - shredded, chicpeas, caramelized, onions, blackcurrants, turmeric, garam masala. Don’t buy cauliflower rice, just shred it



My wife was been using the air fryer for everything recently. So much so that we now have 2 air fryers in our house - 3 qt and 6 qt. She likes the easy cleanup and the fact that oil doesn’t splatter anywhere.

The best things we’ve made so far in the air fryer
mozzarella sticks
honey butter sweet potato fries
chicken wings
kale chips


The riced cauliflower is still cheap and no mess. I know the ‘real thing’ is less but I’m willing to splurge.

Processed food loses nutrients and they have to add crap to keep it from cllumping. I go whole everything whenever possible

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Good news with TJs riced cauliflower:

Chicken thighs with red pepper. Wine , garlic , and anchovy base . Topped with cracklings. Jasmine rice , and peas .