Home Cooking 2021

I ran out of room in the fridge for all the leftovers. That’s why I had to wait a couple of days to make the mac & cheese.


Beautiful sweet display. :heart:

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Yes. Looking at these posts makes me wish I’d pulled it together to edit and post the photos of all the food we ate for Thanksgiving! But after three separate Tday dinners (three!) even I who LOVES Tday was over it. It’s why we had small bites at Bicyclette. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Lap cheong stir fried sticky rice is always part of our tgiving tradition


If you like whole-wheat pasta, check out Community Grains. Each is made with a single obscure wheat variety sourced directly from the farmer. You can definitely taste the difference between them.

I’ve bought them in the past and the texture just wasn’t there. I once had a DISASTEROUS run trying to make Mac and Cheese with them. What is so good about the Sfoglini is what they list as “Texture integrity”. You really could not tell they were Whole Grain. They held up AMAZINGLY well in soup even (I love Lasagna soup!)

I haven’t tried but Leah is currently making a pasta with SPENT grain. I’ve had spent grain crackers… they are tasty… but I’m super curious about this.

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For @Nemroz!

Great minds think alike! So glad to for it to be oven season and to make my roasted meatballs!!

I love meatballs. All kindas… I have several recipes, but my favorite is roasted meatballs. I use a mix of extra lean beef (90%) and Ground pork. I also use these breadcrumbs… ONLY. I’ve tried fresh bread, stale bread, my own ‘baked’ breadcrumbs… but these are the best thing. They are light light panko, but not so delicate, but they aren’t gritty like most store bought breadcrumbs…

Equal amount bread crumbs and milk (The swedish meatball trick!) and I hate things like bits of onion in my meatballs, so I use mainly dried spices and LOTS of parm. I currently have a shaker of Porchini salt that I add to the regular salt… but in the past have used fish sauce (vietnamese or italian) for that special umph!

I put in a parchment paper lined roasting pan for 400, convection roast for 12 minutes and then 2 minutes with the broiler. I let them rest for a little bit and the put them in an empty dutch oven under medium heat and then pour the pasta sauce over them. I coat them just by lightly lifting them.

Serve with pasta of your choice. Spaghetti is classic… but it’s noodles, sauce and meatballs… so I like something hearty like a Buccatini.



Yum!! Those look like stellar meatballs

Thanks! We like to have some pasta with our meatballs… :rofl:

Joining the cascatelli squad…
Bolognese version

Verdict…I should have gotten more than 4 boxes.


Even thought I raved about it above… still so skeptical… I have one more box in my panty and a hankering for Bolognese… I was instead going to use the left over Buccatini I had from the meatballs…

Does it hold on to the meaty sauce well? I prefer a twirling pasta for sauces with stuff (like bits of mushrooms, etc…)

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It held the sauce great. The ridges even picked up pieces of meat so it comes automatically with each bite. I enjoyed the toothsomeness of it. I made a double batch and have half left for the week.


Darling…. You need to be finishing your pasta in the sauce in pan. It absorbs a ton if allowed


HA! i was wondering if someone would make a comment on that. Actually, I always do (if you notice the comment I made on your IG I mentioned it). However, the picture above were taken to accompany a review for the sauce so that is why the sauce is so prominent so that anyone looking at the picture gets an idea of the texture. Also, that is why I used bucattini… It has that hollow that allows sauce to penetrate even after the fact.



I don’t care I always love you. No judgement or shade


Leftovers brunch dish…
Colado and vaporcito from La Flor de Yucatán with a fried egg. Also pan-fried the vaporcito in the egg pan so I got crispy surfaces. I don’t think I’ll need another meal today.


I’m looking at that egg ready to bust to move.


OMG. A Tamale Colado + Egg… what genius…

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Prime tri tip is so great. Especially with Lawry’s salt and msg hiyaaaaa


You mean fuiyoh :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: