Home Cooking 2021

Thanks! There’s a butcher around us with 7.99 tails which feels like 2001


When the dread has ended I’m coming over… don’t try to stop me.


Come on through
Yesterday was yum.

Finally got some flour from King’s Roost


That chicken & chicken fat potatoes! :drooling_face: What is that dark gourd looking thing in the back?



Sunday bean soup with bread .


Hurrah! I never joined any of the other posts because they all got away from me! Have to do a lot of catch up!

FIrst attempt at Nam Wah Char Siu Tenderlion. I always have tenderlion in the freezer for a quick meal (I buy them in a packet that has two at Smart and Final). Sadly the flavor and overall execution of this dish was really MEH. The recipe does not mention lacquering at all. The Tenderlion was quite tender, but didn’t really shine in this prep. To check to check out Pt. 2 in the super bowl post… which was a much better but admittedly more complicated execution. The golden fried rice was delicious.

Sheet Pan Nachos with Fresh Chorizo, Rancho Gordo King City Pink Beans and Jalepeno Pickled veggies, Casa Sanchez chips (Gruesos) and VELVEETA. So… I joined a freebies site in hopes that they would send me face cream. Instead they sent me Velveeta. gawdammit. Not one to take the opportunity for Nachos pass me by… I made the first Nachos of 2021! The star here was the Jalapeno pickled veggies we pick up at our local panaderia, Coatzingo. Typically, I would not pickled Jalapenos. My mom would give to me… but I’m not visiting her due to the Pandemic and she’s not as cocky about her Jalapeno skills as these folks are to include cauliflower. It makes such a difference!

Chicken Ramen with Sous Vide Chicken Breasts and Mushrooms. Only way to make Boneless… skinless chicken breast… Sous Vide…

Beefy Pie with Mashed Potato topping. This actually was left overs because I love beef stew and whipped potatoes and so I always make A TON and then I can make these wonderfully beefy pies turning the whipped potatoes into dutchess potatoes.

FINALLY! Full circle! Fried rice with the much better attempt of Char Siu! What a difference! Even the next day it was succulent and held up in the fried rice…


Fridge clean up dinner. Pork chap and a piccata sauce with a zucchini thrown in bc it was lonely. Not bad.


Same here. I feel rude posting without at least reading a prior month of others’ posts, but who has time. I got in early on this one… because I started it! :grin:

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Salmon Moqueca (Brazilian Fish Stew) w/Coconut Milk, Tomato Sauce, Bell Peppers, White Onion, Garlic, Spices, Cilantro & popped in a few Campari Tomatoes

It calls for a terracotta casserole, but I don’t have one, or use a cast iron skillet and I ain’t wrecking the “seasoning” by putting tomato sauce in mine.:slightly_smiling_face:

Trader Joe’s Paratha w/Lemon-Garlic Ghee

For the sopping. I think you turned me onto these @Dommy. :hearts:


Trader Joe’s malabar parathas have no ghee or oil? Weird.

Sure, you can add some ghee on the outside, but you’re not going to get that characteristic fatty flakiness. They look good but strictly speaking I don’t think TJ’s should call them “Malabar.”

Uhh-k back to HO’s Home Cooking for me. It’s been fun…


That looks great!

I can’t speak to the flavor of this America’s Test Kitchen Moqueca recipe but the technique produces perfectly cooked seafood every time I’ve tried it.

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Thanks @WireMonkey!

That pepper sauce looks great.

I veered from the recipe a bit because I like a little crust on salmon. I seared one side just a minute then let the liquid cook the bottom without totally submerging pieces. :slightly_smiling_face:

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The link you posted literally lists “corn oil” in the ingredients.

For Malabar parathas the dough is rolled as thin as possible, brushed with ghee, rolled up, and coiled into discs. They’re around 20-25% fat, flaky like puff pastry.

There are other kinds of parathas. I’m only criticizing TJ for misleading labeling. It’s kind of like selling “NY-style pizza” that’s not thin or crisp.

You said:

I replied:

You did not say the TJ parathas were mislabeled. You commented on the lack of an ingredient, and I pointed out that the ingredient was listed at the source you posted a link to. That was all.


Couple of points. 1) It’s Trader Joe’s. We all shop there, enjoy their tasty hacks and Nobody thinks it’s comparable to scratch. 2) It would be nice to post a homemade meal one has enjoyed without it being analyzed for flaws accompanied by unsolicited links.

Happy Cooking!