Home Cooking 2021

I was inspired by @js76wisco’s post on Serious Eat’s vodka sauce. And WOAH!! Well worth the effort and the sauce it made was amazing. At first though, I thought… it was going to be too little sauce for a whole box of pasta (Semolina’s Penne) so I only made half, but the way it clings and the intensity of flavor… make the whole box. It reheated well…

The recent frigid snap sent me back to one of absolute favorite soups, Avgolemono… It doesn’t look like much… but love this recipe… It creates a velvety, but not too heavy version of this soup a wonderful use of our meyer lemons…

Was feeling like Lasagna and I had spinach and ricotta… but no lasagna noodles… so I made Baked Tortellini instead! I must say… I think I like this better in some ways. It was still plenty saucy and what doesn’t taste better with baked cheese topping?!

Finally, I take part of Reddit Gift Exchanges because one can only by so many spices for yourself before the ladies at Penzeys start asking questions… Well, I sent off another box of Penzeys spices and in return I got some lovely Indian Spices!

So I made a wonderful baked beef curry… Aged Basmati is also my new obsession.


@Dommy all of the pics look great. I’m right there with you on the vodka sauce. I literally thought the same thing so I only made ~3/4 of the box. The penne alla vodka has become a staple.

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Wow! What a great bunch of meals. But 7 oz of curry, what in the world are you going to do with all of it :grin: I’m sure something really delicious.

LOL!! IKR?!? My gifters tend to go off the deepend always… Let me tell you about my Cutting board in the shape of Indiana… LOL!!! We actually eat curry a lot and can probably make a pretty good dent. I actually had just finished my big jar of Penzeys Curry NOW (Which was okay) and tend of add more than then ‘recommended’ amount in any recipe. But yes… I’m going to have look up recipes for Curry Puffs and then some… LOL!

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That’s really not much. For Indian dishes we make our own spice blends from whole spices, and many recipes call for around a quarter cup.

A quarter cup is about what I use… two or three heaping Table Spoons. Also Marinades sometimes call for curry spice. We always toast our own base spices with curry (Like for this beef one, Cinnamon, Cumin, Corriander) but sometimes you just need to round out the flavor in one BLAM… and these pre made ones do a very good job with that. It’s what most moms in India use…

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Many cooks in India grind batches of garam masala ahead to have it on hand, but the notion of “curry powder” is foreign.

Cooking tonight I came across the ever-elusive Stonehenge mushroom.

Actually kinda looks like a giant molar.

Ok, this actually probably belongs in the stoned and drunk thread or maybe I should create a “Moron” thread.


I just read today in The Gourmands’ Way that Julia Child had a large inheritance from her mother in 1937, so she was well off when she met Paul in 1944. She had enough money that when they moved to France in 1948 they brought with them on the ship 14 pieces of luggage, eight steamer trunks, a gas-powered refrigerator, and a new Buick Roadmaster station wagon.

@hungryhungryhippos here’s one! Grill upgrades pending

Kamado playing brush incinerator bonus pic


Dayum + the views

The views do not suck!


No, those views certainly do not suck…

(Mr.) Thao Farms had some beautiful leeks and I got an itch to make a potato leek soup last week. Had some stock in the freezer so it was vichyssoise strictly speaking but I just mashed it a bit and served hot the first go-round then tossed it in the blender and into the fridge to serve cold and fancy the second round.

So simple, so cheap, so tasty. Why don’t I make this all the time?


How often do you get beautiful leeks? Few American have a clue how to grow them.

Smoked corned beef and cabbage. And potatoes and carrots. The tubers and carrots needed more time. The 5 day brined corned beef was great. Tasted like a corned beef brisket with some nice bark. Served with some great Kozliks mustard from Montreal.


@js76wisco, never smoked whole potatoes before…do they take up the smoke?

Not especially. I was smoking at 225 on the Traeger for 2 hours. Probably needed an extra 30-45 mins. The cabbage and carrots had more smoky flavor.


Love it . We live and learn . I have been doing a lot of sous vide cooking lately . My new toy . Trial and error. Small white potatoes, in a separate vacuum seal bag . Red cabbage , onion , and apple together. Carrots separate . For tomorrow the main I’m cooking Sous vide corned beef point cut . Cooked at 180 degrees for 10 hours . Yippee. Cheers :wine_glass:


The real reason I make corned beef for St Patty’s Day. Hash the next day