Home Cooking 2021

It was nice out and I wanted a smash burger because I’ve never had one. Looking at prices it would’ve been over 20 bucks for a meal for two so we decided to just make them at home since they are so easy and super fast to make. I think everything was less than 15 bucks total and we got to keep some extra rolls plus almost a full bag of ore idas country thick fries.

Smashed double doubles with potato roll and home made thousand island dressing and carmelized onions.


Seared black cod with red rice, and blood orange beet salad;

Shrimp, black bean and avocado salad;

Gumbo z’herbes;

Lobster fra diavolo (Ralphs has the little tails for $5 apiece);


Can I ask what recipe you use for the gumbo z’herbes? I’ve been curious about that dish for a bit and any recommendations would be welcome

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Its a recipe I found on Chowhound 10 years ago. Surprisingly its still there, Gumbo Z'herbes
I make a half recipe and the wife and I get at least two meals out of it.


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I have a tamago roll. I thought it sounded like a good idea at the time but I don’t know wtf to do with this.

Do I just eat tamago “sashimi” until I’m sick of it?



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Japanese egg mcmuffin? American cheese, English muffin, some kind of breakfast meat?


Some additional ideas: Spam and eggs musubi, [insert protien] egg musubi, make rolled omelets with ingredients, make a rolled crepe (savory or sweet), toasted sandwiches, rolled pancakes (with or without ingredients), use the pan to make stove top corn bread or brownies


Lomo saltado for dinner tonight. Used skirt steak and heated up ore ida frozen fries. Bought aji sauce from inti too lazy to make my own.


Deviled tomago?

Tamago sando.

We got posters here putting their creations on fine handmade plateware and here I am posting pics of food on old pie tins.


You do you!

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Looks great - where’s the rice? I love lomo saltado!


Thanks! Not pictured but we definitely had rice to soak up the aji and the sauce!

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Looks like it needs more Kewpie.

Keen eye. I added a bunch after a few bites. infinitely made it better.

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@hungryhungryhippos do you have a recipe you use for the lomo saltado? I don’t know why we’ve never made this at home but we love this. I’d probably have to go out and buy the aji sauce too.


I’ve made this recipe for Lomo Saltado from Serious Eats. I liked it. There is even a video on how to do it embedded in the recipe link.

Having a jar of aji amarillo paste in the fridge is not a bad deal. It has a nice kick without being super aggressive about it. A nice addition to many things.


I think you can make any beef stir-fry you like and add aji amarillo and fries.