Home Cooking or What's cookin' - should these be combined?

Does that describe it well enough? It seems like these are redundant topics. Any thought of combining them and going forward from there? TIA.

Combine both . There’s under 8 people replying . Pretty weak . I mostly post elsewhere for cooking. The sad part is there is almost every product available to cook with in LA.

Oh wow. That is paltry. Yeah, I have to order things (thanks, Amazon Prime) that LA’ers can get practically at 7-11 :slight_smile:

@robert @ipsedixit ???

One is a category, the other is a topic.

Sorry I wasn’t specific. I meant to write “Home Cooking 2019” which is a topic within “Home Cooking” the category.

On Chowhound people used to start new topics every now and then because long topics slowed things down and for restaurant reviews things got out of date.

There’s no performance issue on Discourse and cooking topics are evergreen.

So I haven’t looked yet, but does that mean they can be combined. Or maybe lock the 2019 one with perhaps a link to it in “What’s Cookin’”?

Merging two topics makes a mess. Discourse isn’t designed for that.

There was no reason for the 2019 one to have been opened. If you don’t like there being two topics, stop posting to it.

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Then why not lock it with a note referring to the other? It’s not a matter of choosing where to post but not having to read two threads instead of one. And having dialogues in just one place seems to make more sense. You can get some advice in one and not the other. Just seems logical to me.

Because it was actually started for a reason.

What reason?

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There are some or one that didn’t want to wade thru long threads, so started an annual thread. I didn’t like it at first for the reasons that Cath mentions, but I understand. Now I post on the annual threads and just use What’s Cooking for research, to see what others post or if I make someone’s recipe from that thread I’ll post it there.

Unlike CH the search feature here seems to work quite well so no ‘wading’ necessary. And because I like to cook I stay current on the thread so it seems simple. What doesn’t seem simple is two threads that are the exact same thing. This came to my mind last night when I was going to post about a dish I made and really for the first time thought ‘hmm, now where should this go?’

If some people see an advantage in arbitrarily breaking a topic up into annual chunks, they’re free to do so, but as far as I’m concerned Discourse makes that unnecessary and pointless.

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Thanks. I’ll stick with posting my meals/dishes/questions/etc. on “What’s Cookin’” and if I can answer any questions on the other - doubtful but maybe :slight_smile: - I’ll be glad to help.

Hey, @catholiver, you might enjoy these discussions.



Download the app, it is way better than the website.

Don’t be shocked…but I don’t “do” apps. LOL. Would these links tell me something regarding my post?