Hong Kong East Ocean - Emeryville

Went for dinner on Christmas. I’ve been for dim sum many times but never for dinner. They were slammed, no surprise. Ordered semi-randomly since we weren’t familiar with the menu. The waiter warned us that the food would take a while.

“Classical” lamb stew hot pot from the chef’s specials menu was to my surprise a cook-at-the-table thing.

It was very good. Lamb ribs and who knows what other cuts, bamboo shoot, ginger, tofu skin. Elegant and delicious. I wish I’d thought to get the Chinese name.

Mongolian beef was very good except for the bed of inedible styrofoam noodles.

The menu calls this “fried rice fu chow risotto” in English but in Chinese it’s 福建炒飯, which per Google is Hokkien or Fujian fried rice. In any case, not any kind of risotto. Seemed like steamed rice with a sort of saucy stew on top.

English “duet of green vegetable with sun-dried scallop topping,” Chinese 瑤柱扒雙蔬. What kind of mushrooms are those? How do you eat them with chopsticks? I used my pocket knife. Nice dish, the dried scallop makes it.

Smoked black cod. This was fabulous. I’d order this and the lamb again for sure.

Drank some nice dry Riesling. Service was good. Prices are on the high side, thanks in part to the spectacular bay view.

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I was going to refer to this as a million-dollar view until I remembered that around here that’s the view of the million-dollar dump next door.