Hot Ginger Lemon Coke in ESGV?

It’s that time. My bi-annual “cold” that won’t end. So does anyone know where I can get a hot ginger lemon coke in the ESGV? I know where to get one in San Gabriel or in Chinatown, but what about in the Rowland Heights/Hacienda Heights/City of Industry area?

(sniffle) koff

Any hk style cafe should be able to make it for you, just ask for:

熱 - yeet - hot
檸 - ling - lemon
樂 - lok - coke
煲 - bou - boiled
薑 - gerng - ginger


Did you try Pi Pa Gao?

Looking back it’s actually quite tasty.

My sick foods are jook or lo fo tong/soup (pork bones, carrots, green daikon or wintermelon, a few dried scallops, ginger, red dates, and goji berries)

Thanks blimpbinge. While my Chinese tones are passable, I’m not sure about my Cantonese :slight_smile:

JeetKunBao. Damn, that sounds good. Once while ill, I had a pork & wintermelon soup at the since closed Hong Kong Kitchen. It worked wonders.