Hotville Chicken

@Dommy Your recs were on the money!

@nlk Your thread about your first visit, helped too!

Late post of my visit to Hotville Chicken after attending a local rally in August.

Started with “The Shaw” fish sandwich with “Cali-mild 4/12” heat level. Fish tasted clean and the crust was delightfully crispy :yum: The accompaniments were kaleslaw (not my thing) and a huge mound of crinkled fries (I took most of these home with the key lime pie).

Then moved on to the fried chicken - got a dark leg with “Music City Medium 7/12” heat level (the next level is “Nashville Hot 12/12”). Ate half and took the rest home. As with the fish, I loved the coating on the chicken :poultry_leg: and since I normally can’t eat white bread due to my low carb diet, biting into the spicy hot :fire: :hot_pepper: chicken on soft, squishy white bread :bread: was such a treat then and there, and as leftovers the following day (sorry CS1999 I don’t agree with you RE Hotville Chicken at all :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).

Thanks to @Dommy ‘s write up, I got the Southern fruit tea and they also gave me a free refill.

The cashier/server on the Sunday that I went was so sweet! Also saw her congratulate a customer at a different table who did the “Nashville Hot” chicken challenge - the cashier/server came over flapping her arms and told him he won :grinning:

The stand alone building with a small patio is quaint and although I am a fan of Howlin’ Ray’s in Chinatown, it’s nice to be able to sit down, relax and eat my chicken in peace. Plenty of free parking in its adjacent lot also a huge plus!

Surprisingly quick to get to from SaMo/West LA, I’m definitely looking forward to going back!

PS: I wouldn’t compare an In-N-Out burger to HiHo’s grassfed burger and in the same vein, I’m not interested in making the argument with Hotville :poultry_leg: and Howlin’ Ray’s :poultry_leg:.

Other FTCers may differ in their opinion, and are certainly entitled to do so.


I think Hotville has pulled it together since reports on the initial soft-opening. :slightly_smiling_face:

Whole Chicken - Cali-Mild Heat

Crispy skin, breast is moist and dark meat is juicy. Mild heat level has a nice kick and not salty at all.

I try not to judge all fried chicken by Howlin’ Ray’s standards but this is Nashville Hot Chicken so the comparison is understandable. My opinion aligns with @Dommy @glazedonut & @foodshutterbug’s - it’s not Howlin’ Ray’s, but it’s a very fine fried chicken. :blush:

Mac & Smokin’ Cheese and Potato Salad

Let me preface this with I’m picky about southern sides, so please judge for yourselves. I thought both the macaroni and the potatoes were over-cooked. The mac & cheese was creamy and had crispy edges. The herbs inside aren’t a deal breaker but I didn’t care for it. I liked the vinegary-ness of the potato salad.

Tomato, Corn & Avocado Salad by TheCookie

Fried Fish

More concurring! My favorite! :hearts::blush::hearts: Perfectly seasoned, coated & fried. I know nothing about Swai, but it seems like a perfect frying fish and it absorbs the seasoning & spice really well!

I ate one piece of fish & a thought cloud appeared over my head. It said Fried fish, grits & eggs! So I saved a couple pieces for our breakfast. Even reheated it was tasty! :heart:

Bang bang! Southern Girl Desserts

Red Velvet, Double Chocolate, Vanilla Buttercream, Sweet Potato, Lemon

@glazedonut you will enjoy the moist, dark chocolate cupcake! :brown_heart: Every cupcake has its own unique flavor profile and all are moist & yummy. The sweet potato was sweeter than I remember and instead of a piece of caramelized sweet potato there was a squirt of sweet potato purée on top, but still yummy w/a layer of sticky purée under the frosting. Loved the lemon. :lemon: Vanilla Buttercream was nice & light and not as sweet.

Both spots had friendly, warm, southern hospitality!


Great report and thanks for the heads up on the double chocolate cupcake! I love that dark color of the cupcake in your pic, very encouraging sign.

Glad you enjoyed both places, and what a great idea to use the fish with grits and eggs. I was also impressed with how well the fish reheated.


Thanks @glazedonut.

Not to get too far off topics but here’s a closeup. :laughing:

One thing - I understand the towering swirls of frosting on top are eye and photo pleasing but it requires a need to eat these with a fork or spoon, lol.


Wow! That cake looks ridiculous! I am not a big cupcake person, but when I get them, I’m that person that makes the cupcake sandwich to Everyone’s horror


Great solution to the frosting dilemma.

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Cut the cake in half and make a sandwich with the frosting in the middle. This is always the correct way to eat a cupcake.