House of Thai - Larkin - SF

I was running an errand nearby so decided to check out this old personal and Chowhound board favorite, formerly known as Thai House Express. I’m not sure I’ve been back since the Oakland sort-of spinoff Chai Thai Noodle opened in 2008.

Not busy at 8 pm on Monday, though there was a steady stream of takeout / Caviar / whatever takeout orders being picked up. No Thai customers, Lers Ros probably took that crowd.

The server said they stopped making my favorite stinky fermented bamboo shoot dish soop nor mai a while back.

Shrimp paste fried rice ($13), not as strong fermented fish flavor as I would sometimes get in the old days, but lots of nicely cooked, higher-quality shrimp than I expect for that price. Very good.

Ka moo / pork leg stew a la carte ($14), as good as ever.

Gwai tiew kua gai ($13), I would never have thought to order this but it had lots of wok hei. Delicious.