How do I cook this fish?

It’s all whole and shit. I cut the head off then what? Yes, I am cutting the head off.

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If it’s gutted, en papillote, stuffed with sliced onion or lemon or fresh herbs. Best not to cut the head off before.

One of a million variations:

Couscous highly optional. I’ve never put starch in with the fish.

Leave the head on - oil, salt pepper. Pan sear in a cast iron pan flip sear second side finish in a med oven maybe 6-8 minutes serve with some chimichurri

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What’s the benefit of leaving the head on?

Some of the best meat is in the head area

Less work. If cooked en papillote, adds flavor. Good meat in the cheeks.

Late to the party here, hopefully that fish is not still around at this stage but that’s your standard european sea bass or bronzino or loup de mer. Very popular fish, find it on a metric fuck-ton of menus, easy to work with, mild white flaky fish. Can use it in nearly any application but it’s most commonly used on the grill and then hit with a herb + acid sauce to brighten it up. Hope you enjoyed.

Thank you. For some strange reason I was hoping it was Chilean . but it was still delicious.

Why? AFAIK Chilean sea bass is overfished.

That fish was rebranded “Chilean seabass” because “Patagonian toothfish” wasn’t selling so well.


And it wouldn’t win a beauty contest :slight_smile:

because it’s delicious.

I’m surprised you mistook it. And it’s not even a bass :slight_smile:

Old news’


Hope you kept the head on

Some toothfish is sustainable, some isn’t.