How do people throw popups?

Someone here must have the insider knowledge on whether people are seeking out any sort of event licenses to serve food to public, sometimes at non food or retail spaces .

Or does it fall under private party category if you’re collecting donations ahead of time?

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Depends on the type of pop up. But generally, thinks like licenses and insurance is handled by the venue owner and the outside party providing the food (Or their organizer). And both have a vested interest in keeping things private.


The pop ups I’ve been to have been held at restaurants during their closed hours.

i’ve been to all sorts… Like the disco dinners for example in industrial areas… i know there’s no food license or insurance… where’s the waiver? during ticket purchase?

I think popups at places other than restaurants are supposed to have catering licenses.

You can get a one-day permit to serve alcohol at an event.

wonder what happens if you get busted without any licenses. cant be pretty.

thank you, robert

Chefs talk to other chefs, restauranteurs talk to other restauranteurs and chefs to talk them too. Boom, popup.

I’ve only been a diner at these events, but maybe using a provider like Feastly makes things easier since I think they provide the kitchen and space and hopefully have whatever the necessary licenses are as I’ve had both provided drinks and BYO.

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I think Feastly just provides listings and sells tickets. Some of their events are at licensed premises and others seem clearly illegal.